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Some Common Social Media Abbreviations

We are fund of social media and we use them to communicate, intertain, advertise and much more. We often use our keyboards to pass accros our messages. Typing has then become the easiest means in this way of communication to interact with others, and it appears that writing or rather typing words entirely render the communication process difficult and to an extend boring. The most common way of communicating on social media is chating. And using abbreviations in this case eases communication.


The use of abbreviation is less cumbasson and saves time. They are easy to type and are used for instant messaging. They are usually written in capital letters, but can also be used in small letters. Here are some common abbreviations used on social media.

?4U  : I have a question for you.
^^ : Read line above
121 : one-to-one
<3 : love

AFK : away from keyboard

AKA : also known as
: as soon as possible
A/S/L ; age/sex/location
AYT : Are you there?

 B2W :  back to work

BBL : Be back later
BBS : Be back soon
BRB : Be right back
BTW :  by the way

 CMB : Call me back

CMIIW : Correct me if I'm wrong
CU L8R : See you later
CWYL : Chat with you later

DIY :Do it yourself
DM :  Direct Message
F2F : face-to-face
FAQ : frequently asked questions
FYI : for your information
FYEO : for your eyes only

GB :goodbye
GG :Gotta go
GL : good luck
GR8 : great!
HBD : Happy Birthday
hhhhhh : very funny
IC : I see
IDK : I don't know
IMHO :in my humble opinion
: I know
IM : Instant Message
IOW : in other words
J/K : just kidding
K : OK

L8R :later (goodbye)
LOL : laugh out loud

MSG: message

nv : nevermind
OIC : Oh, I see
OTW : on the way
P2P :  person-to-person
PLZ : please
PM : Private Message
ROFL : rolling on the floor laughing
RUOK : Are you okay?
Sup or Zup : What's up?
SYL : See you later
TGIF : Thank goodness it's Friday
THX or thnx :  thanks
TTFN : ta ta for now
TTYL : Talk to you later
TYT : Take your time
w/: with
w/o : without
WRU : Where are you?
XO : hugs and kisses / love
ZZZ : tired / bored 



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