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Deal Of The Day: Celebrate The Day Of Love At The Amazing Star Land Hotel Douala

What you get on Valentine's day: EXECUTIVE ROOM, DINNER, CHAMPAIGN, BREAKFAST for 150.000CFA ONLY

EXTRA- Special menu an a bottle of champaign for just 25.000cfa per person 

Star Land Hotel offers romantic and memorable experiences. located on a beautiful parcel of land surrounded by rose gardens in Magaliesburg, South Africa. It is renowned for its superb cuisine prepared with passion and served in high quality porcelain dishes, along with a fine selection of premium wines from a great wine cellar. 

About Star Land Hotel: Rated best Hotel in Cameroon on Trip Advisor 

Star Land Hotel is one of the most beautiful,luxurious and famous hotels in Cameroon.It is located in the area between the streets of Bonapriso flower market and Dominique Savio primary school. The location is very convenient for visitors, tourists, any person living or coming into the country because of its proximity to the Cameroon Douala Airport. It is approximately 10 minutes drive from Douala International airport (Traffic time included).

Star Land Hotel is noted for its hospitality, security and comfort as reviewed on Trip Advisor and other travel websites. For your ease, comfort and relaxation, STAR LAND HOTEL designed for you, 60 Executive Rooms, 08 Junior Suites and 02 Master Suite that span 07 floors with a simple interior decoration that airs your space and helps you relax before you commence your various daily activities.

Star Land operates on  Hygiene Safety Environment (HSSE) requirements, which is an area of technical expertise that allows them to control aspects related to professional risk in the hotel. It oversees the safety of employees, guests, standards and  all the facilities in the hotel.

Some of its amazing benefits are a complete gym, an Olympic style pool, a traditional and modern restaurant and a lot to see around! Other things they host at Star Land include Corporate launches, weddings, birthday, seminars and an endless list.

In addition, there is a 24h/24/7  guarded parking with signals on every seven (07) floors. There is also emergency exits with panic bars doors

For more inquires,contact Star land at
B.P : 5485 Douala- Cameroun - Rue Dominique SAVIO Primaire, Bonapriso - Douala
Téléphone : + (237) 33 42 11 00 / 33 42 11 03 - Fax : + (237) 33 42 11 02 Email : info@starlandhotel.com

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