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Stella Jean Presents Her S/S12 "Wax & Stripes philosophy"

Stella Jean Madeleine  is an amazing fashion designer on our look-out list. What else would you expect from a half Italian /half Haitian creative mind? She breaths Fashion and is inspired by Italy. Her brand is unique and her S/S12 collection is inspired by African print blend with contemporary trends. 

It is a style based on "Wax & Stripes philosophy" sees the composition of social mosaic in which multiculturalism is treated with the knowledge of traditions and an 'irony that allows a balanced amalgam which is in no piège caricature. A clear statement of intent and sincerity in expressing a cultural metisagge is broken down and restructured in harmony. No limit is placed in the combinations of people and traditions, with the exception of full membership to a school of thought no longer based on a rarefied sense of style, but the "sense of style." Once again, "One Hundred Thousand and None" is the result of a melting retro and nostalgic at the same time innovative. What it means to be continuar 

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Enjoy a pure mix of fashion!

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