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Stephen Lawrence's justice at last

The Stephen Lawrence inquiry has been a case study for many students in the UK.  It would have been very strange, not to mention the name Stephen Lawrence in any academic work in relation to racism as this was seen as racism in its peak! The story was very touching and It served as the perfect example of institutional racism in the UK. Justice has been done at last and we are pleased the case will now be closed. We also hope this is a good lesson learnt to many people in the position of power and silly mistakes made in this inquiry would not be repeated.

Gary Dobson and David Norris were today found guilty of the murder of Stephen Lawrence in a landmark conviction which has taken 18 years to secure.
The verdict is a hard-won victory for the black teenager's parents Doreen and Neville who have fought tirelessly to see their son's killers brought to justice. 
And it is also a tribute to the dogged journalism of the Daily Mail which on February 14, 1997 named five young white men - among them Dobson and Norris - as the murderers.
Stephen's parents Doreen and Neville wept at the verdicts were  delivered.
Dobson protested his innocence as he was led from court saying: 'You have condemned an innocent man here, I hope you can live with yourselves.'
The judge Mr Justice Treacy said he would sentence both men tomorrow. The only sentence he can pass for murder is life and it will be down to the judge to determine how long a tariff will be served.

Guilty as charged! It took 18 years, but the deceit, lies and public arrogance of Gary Dobson and David Norris have finally been exposed. They murdered Stephen Lawrence.

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