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New York Street Style: Africa calling

As New York transitions into summer the streets are alive with fashion, and much of that fashion these days involves African prints. You can see the African influence on a wide diverse cross section of New yorkers. Africans in New York were out and about showing off African fashion last weekend. A weekend of mild temperatures provided a chance to capture some stylish standouts. Fashion wise, there are some really interesting things going on, especially among the teenagers. the Union Jack seems to be pretty popular in New york as well these days.

 In Manhattan's Union Square Park we met some African stylistas with interesting ideas, and stories to tell. Among them were people like Autumn, the Nigerian designer using South African fabrics and prints. Then there is Jennifer (Nigeria) model/stylist rocking African print boxers. Amadou (Senegal) and Regina rocked a cool and easy bohemian style. We also have to say thank you to Melissa the gracious business woman from Cote de Ivoire who stepped out of a bookstore she was in so I could capture her unique style. The African presence and influence is all over the New York fashion scene it seems to be the latest craze, and the Africans especially are wearing it well. Rock on you'all!

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