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New York City Street Style : Cool, Steady, and Easy

Summer 2012 New York City the summer is up on us full blast. When the temperature has been hovering at 90F (30C) for days, it makes for interesting style options. For some it's not just about staying cool it's about style, it's about flaunting your brand. These are the people who stand out on the street, they are the ones with the most interesting stories to tell and who have a method to their madness, their style is about something. 

We loved  the Bohemian ease of some recent design students, the elegant vintage chic of Nigerian fashonista Omagbitsu, and the artfully suited tie designer Tomashii. Ashlee  Jewel based her look on stylish comfort while the enigmatic woman called life loved flowing light outfits that move with ease. It's all about keeping cool and looking hot, and the style on the streets of Union Square is hotter than July

DJ Tyger Lilly 

Omagbitsu (Nigeria)

 Ashlee Jewel 

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