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It's finally summer in New York, we were beginning to wonder if it would ever get here. It's been all low temps, rain and wind here lately.
Well it's June now and here comes the sun. I love the Union Square area of Manhattan, it's a hub an intersection, everyone comes through there. Artist, and lawyers cross paths with musicians, fashion designers and tourists. The fashion on the street is about ideas, and stories, that's really one of the most fascinating aspects of documenting street style. 

It has nothing to do with the most attention grabbing outfit and everything about how the story is presented. A city like New York is an assault of the senses, there is so much you can get used to tuning out. Take a moment to observe the style stories start to emerge. In many cases style follows function, and lifestyle. There are fashion designers like the young lady in the African Print dress. She told me she worked in the fashion industry, and did a bit of her own stuff.  "I design sometimes but I don't like to sew, I don't even have a sewing machine."  

The story is in the presentation, they way it's put together that tells the story. It's always an interesting one even from the banker who has the interesting lapel pin that tells you he is not part of the "herd". Just like the young lady wearing two pendants, one Egyptian, and the other in the shape of Africa. She  was working on her won jewelry line, and dreaming of traveling to the U.K. Her pink and black dress working perfectly against her albino skin. Every look has a story to it, from the musician recently signed with SONY, to the street artist who wanders the city in his own artistic Couture creations. On a day that was sunny and pleasant I crossed paths with some really interesting people have a look at their stories.

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