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Stunning Images Captured By Douala Photographers As Part Of The #IShootBecause Project Show That The World Is Full Of Creative Talent.



It’s been already two months since we have started our project called “#IShootBecause”, one of the sectors truly affected during the COVID-19 lockdown is the photography sector. This Campaign was to stand with all the photographers whose work has been put on hold due to total lockdown. Thanks to participants such as Niki Heat Studio, Landry Toukam, and many more for sharing their beautiful images and experiences on photography.


It was a little bit challenging for us to invite participants who are interested in photography to take part because we were in a period where everyone was confined to their homes.

Douala photographers Landry Toukam, Niki Heat shared their personal best images and shared their experiences on photography.


"I shoot because photography has the ability to freeze time. The moment the camera shutter to clicks, a memory has been created that will live on to tell my story long after I am gone." Niki Heat Beauty Studio



“Pour comprendre la nature, rien ne peut nous faire entrer dans cet environnement plus qu'une image d'elle...!!!

Ma définition personnelle de la photographie c'est le controle de la lumière

Je suis professionnel de la photographie depuis 2014

Je suis tellement fan des dessin animé. Ce qui m'a conduit a dessiner puis a faire du graphisme et la photographie c'est un peu comme du dessin en plus réaliste” Landry Toukam


“To understand nature, nothing can make us enter this environment more than an image of it...!!!!


“My personal definition of photography is the control of light.

I have been a professional photographer since 2014

I'm such a fan of cartoons. What led me to draw and then to do graphic design and photography is a bit like drawing, only more realistic." Said Landry Toukam Films on a short interview we had with him recently.



This Campaign shed light on people’s motivations behind taking pictures(outdoors, nature, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, landscape, etc)

Participants shared their pictures on their pages ( twitter, Facebook, Instagram) by tagging us. In return, we selected the best images and the best stories that speak the most and they were featured on our website and social media platforms.


What inspired us to set up this project is the fact that there are a lot of talented young people who, despite the lack of getting professional cameras which most of them are expensive, they force themselves to take beautiful pictures taken by mobile phones. Such creativity is something we should encourage young amateurs and young generations to immerse themselves in learning about photography and get to know the world of photography because its an art.



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