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There is nothing we love more than to copy our favourite celebrities. Clothes, Shoes, Makeup! That beautiful year round summer glow which seems like something that can only be achieved by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Iman; Always looking so perfectly tanned, the perfect shade of bronze! FabAfriq’s Beauty Editor, Joy Adenuga answers the $64,000 question; Is it possible to look just as good as the stars without going bankrupt? The answer; a big, fat, YES!!!

Joy Says, “Radiance comes from within. Getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet are the golden rules of health and beauty. Not getting enough of these can take a massive toll on your appearance.

There are a few tips to beautiful skin all year round: The most important factor for glowing skin is cleansing. Without this, nothing else will work. There are some good products on the market but I especially love Dermalogica’s Ultra Cleanser and Neutrogena’s Facial Wash.

Exfoliating twice a week and a good facial mask can be your BFF when it comes to achieving radiance in a hurry. A good product to try is Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask with pink clay.

Introduce Radiance boosting facial creams into your daily routine. Light creams and oils soak are quickly and easily absorbed by your skin. However, beware of heavy formulas that can clog your pores even if you have dry skin. My favourites are Elemis visible brilliance cream and No. 7 Protect and Perfect intense day cream.

For an all over body glow [arms/cleavage/legs], try a mix of a small dollop of Nivea’s Hydrating body lotion with Superdrug Vitamin E Shimmer cream SPF 15 and apply all over. The result is an instant and healthy sheen and shimmer. Beautiful!!!


Tips For beautiful makeup:

Start with an Illuminating Face Primer on it’s own or mix in with your foundation. I love Mac’s cosmetics Strobe Cream

For beautiful eyes like you see on your favourite celebrities, use a Matte eye shadow all over your eyelid. Right in the middle of the lid, pat on with your middle finger, some very high shimmer eye shadow.

Accentuate your brow, use a highlighting product or a shimmer eye shadow 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Spread the colour just beneath your brow and on the top of your cheeks, blending towards your hairline.

NEVER use any shimmering product all over your face; you’ll just end up looking like a disco ball!!!

For some amazing products to help achieve these effects, check out Mac Cosmetics latest collection – Surf Baby!

Enjoy the sun and glow baby!!!


Photography – Andy Espin

Makeup – Joy Adenuga
Model – Sandra Aji
Retouching – Ron Harris

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