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Suppressing Hunger Naturally, A Quick Fix for Weight Loss

Research shows that hunger is a condition in which a person, for a sustained period, is unable to eat sufficient food to meet basic nutritional needs. In some parts of the world people still do suffer from hunger whereas some have food in abundance and have developed a fluctuating appetite. Now this fluctuating appetite have a lot of consequences, especially an exaggerated gain in weight. And it is known that gaining weight is easier than losing it. People keep looking for alternatives to lose weigh but they forget that it needs a lot of patience to do so. The desire to lose weight quickly will call for the usage of chemical products which are effective but at times have after effects.

There are natural ways to loose weigh and one of them is by suppressing your hunger naturally. These are some tips or solutions to help you suppress your fluctuating appetite.

1. Drink more water
Drinking a lot of this life substance will help you as your body will remain hydrate all day  and will reduce hunger pangs without adding calories.Drink plenty of water during the day instead of munching on snacks. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, add a few lemon or orange slices, or berries for flavour.

2. Do physical exercise

Walking, jogging, push ups, swimming, etc. can help you suppress hunger. Studies have shown that eating excessive amount of fat creates failures in the brain's signals that control satiety in the hypothalamus (the area of the brain that manages hunger).


3. Avoid sugar and sweeteners and consume more proteins

When we consume sugar or foods high in sugar, e.g. sweets, cookies, corn flakes or white bread, our blood-sugar levels spike and then drop almost instantly. This imbalance makes us hungry again after a few hours.It is better to eat brown bread, sweet potatoes, apples and pear. There are foods that fill you up and suppress hunger such as: almond, coffee, ginger, avocado, pepper, chocolate, fibers and sweet potatoes.

4. Sleep
Sleep affects the levels of several hormones in your body. Two hormones that play an important role in stimulating and suppressing your appetite are leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is produced by your body’s fat cells and is responsible for suppressing hunger. Ghrelin is released by your stomach, and stimulates your appetite. Lack of sleep lowers the levels of leptin in your blood and heightens the levels of ghrelin, which results in an increase of appetite. The reverse is also true: getting enough sleep decreases hunger and will therefore help you lose weight.

Feeling hungry is not a bad thing in itself. Even when you are on diet, it is very natural to feel hungry from time to time.  It's a normal human response to a decrease in your consumption of calories. Most people found it difficult to suppress hunger and it becomes an emergency to get their stomach filled up when their body is just signaling a lack of calories. Suppressing hunger therefore, all starts by a psychological state, a mind set.

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