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Today, Swarovski’s brand for cut-crystals is the ultimate luxury ingredient. Unrivalled in quality, precision and consistency, it is used and known worldwide by top designers, including D&G, Christian Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc.. For it’s exceptional brilliance and irresistible range of colours and textures.

Taking the concept of individuality and self-expression to a new dimension, Swarovski collaborates with` Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016’ from 1-3 July 2016.
We will like to introduce our brand to renown and creative designers in Africa. We will like African designers to know more about the Swarovski brand, the products we offer, our availability and our new brilliant Xirius crystal rose cut- the ultimate luxury ingredient. Knowledge about the brand will lead the way forward into a new era of glamorous, personalized creativity and bring a fresh sophisticated elegance to the whole process of ‘personal design’. The art of creating your own customized crystal style.
Swarovski has grown to be an integral element of luxury today, part of a far-reaching, global trend. Part of our introduction, we will organise an exclusive workshop on the 2nd of July, focusing on our hot fix 2078 brilliant cut crystals. We are taking the step forward to welcome designers to our brand. We will be happy to meet with designers in Nigeria. We are available to answer all questions and enquiries during this period.
On the 3rd of July, Swarovski will close the Africa Fashion Week with a viewing of garments embellished with Swarovski Crystals. This day, we will affirm the brilliance of Swarovski crystals as the ultimate luxury ingredient. The brilliance of the distribution and refraction of light with Swarovski crystals will be our evidence of 120yrs of craftsmanship.

Our objective is to immerse designers in the phenomenon to become a part of this creative evolution. Explore the stunning pieces designed using Swarovski, learn and discover more about this initiative.
Self-expression is the new luxury.
Dare to be yourself, and be the best you can be.
Welcome to our world of sparkle with Swarovski.
We are happy to announce our collaboration with `AFRICA FASHION WEEK NIGERIA 2016’.
We look forward to a glamorous experience and a successful collaboration.
Nigeria is a country of great potential and great talent. We believe that African designers are creative and passionate about fashion. The objective of our workshop is to introduce to designers, our crystals and gems with exceptional brilliance, irresistible range of colours and textures adding A TOUCH OF SPARKLE to the fashion Industry in West Africa.


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