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Symbolic of Jewelries, Top Five Valuable Jewelries in the World.

In the history of the world and royalties, jewelries have always carried a very strong symbolism. Often referred to feminity and womanliness, jewelries have been used and are still used to express love, attachment, desire, wealth and power. Across ages and time, great jewelers and jewelry craft persons have created stunning and very expensive jewelries. We have come across five of them to know their history, the value and the inspiring motivation behind their creation.

The Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet
Cartier created this bracelet in Paris in 1952 and owned by American socialite and Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson. King Edward VIII abducted his throne to marry and as a sign of his tremendous love for her, he offered her this Panther Bracelet. The bracelet was auctioned at $12.4 million (£4.5million) that is thrice its original value, It is rumored that Madonna, who directed a film about Simpson and her lover King Edward VII, is the owner of the much sought-after bracelet.

Emerald and Diamond Tiara
It is said that this stunning and luxurious tiara belonged to Napoleon III’s wife. In 1900, German Prince Guido Count von Henckel offered it as a gift to his second wife, Princess Katherina Henckel von Donnersmarck. It is said to be the most expensive ever sold tiara at auction. After losing his first wife Pauline, Prince Guido kept her remains in a glass containing liquid embalmment and was mourning her every night. He then offered this Emerald to his second wife to put up with his corpse-worshiping. The tiara was made at the turn of the twentieth century, perhaps the work of Chaumet.

Heart of the Kingdom

This beautiful and extravagant necklace is a creation from the House of Garrard. This jewelry brand is one of the trendiest and oldest jewelry designing house. The necklace is made of a remarkable Burmese ruby of 40.63 carats, shaped like a heart. It is an extremely rare ruby, and is mounted on a 155 carat diamond necklace, studded with 150 diamonds.

Heart of the Ocean
The Heart of the Ocean is the name of a fictional blue diamond featured prominently in the 1997 film Titanic. In the story line of this movie, the diamond was originally owned by Louis XVI and cut into a heart shape after the French Revolution. Harry Winston, a renowned jeweler is at the origin of this most recognizable real blue diamond of 15 carats. Priced at $20 million, the necklace is one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry worn to the Oscars, and is among the world’s costliest necklaces.


L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace


In 2013 this beautiful work of art was named the world’s most expensive necklace by Guinness World Records, with a value of $55 million. It is made of a yellow and weighs 407.48 carats. It is said that 30 years ago when a young girl made its discovery, it was a massive 890 carat. It took four years to polish it and craft it into a necklace of $55 million with 91 diamonds of various cuts, including 229.52 carat white diamonds, set in 18 carat rose gold.
Jewelries often carry a strong symbolic. We do not offer a gem by chance and not to anyone. Whether handmade or fantasy, they are real treasures loaded with secrets, sometimes promises as seen in the stories of some of the jewelries of our selection. Owning one of them can be a sign of wealth too. Knowing the legend behind these beautiful gems could be an invitation to own them. Only lucky and very fortunate women have been able to own these ornaments. Are you ready to own one of these? Or you prefer gazing at them in awe and desire?


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