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Exciting wedding story!

Not every relationship leads to marriage, so when people get married, FabAfriq is happy to showcase the exciting moment with its readers. We caught up with Tanesha Westcarr who shared her exerience with us. Tanesha is an author, stylist and mentor. She is also an ex-model and an award winning business women and owner of image Consultancy Styling Says Ltd. She shares her wedding story with fabAfriq magazine and this is how it all started

"We met after a Christian Life City church service in 2005 . Gavin had recently started attending and I had been going to church for a few years. I was one of the youth leaders and with Gavin being new to all things Christian he had question after question about salvation, faith, miracles etc. From that point onwards we developed a strong friendship and the relationship progressed from there.

Gavins proposal was amazing. It was on his birthday, it was mothers day and it was in front of the whole church congregation. He was quite cunning when I think about it. He used the fact that it was his birthday as a reason for him looking particularly sharp that Sunday and to get me dress up. Being an active member of the church, it wasn't unusual for him to make announcements. He walked on the stage, made reference to Mothers Day and the Men ministry and announced that with it being Mother's day he had a poem which he then began to recite. Our eyes made four and immediately I realised that this was not a Mother's day Poem. As he continued in his poem about the story of our relationship, he walked down the aisle towards me. Of course, I was in a flood of tears along with the hundreds of women who watch as our love story unfolded. The last line of the poem, as he puledl the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee, was; Tanesha Simms, will you be my wife? The rest, as they say, is history."

Below is a collection of some pictures they captured! Have you got a wedding story to share? contact editor@fabafriq.com

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