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TenPerCent Africa, Creating Awareness on Mental Health and Depression

The 10th October marks the World Mental Health Day. The main objective behind this is to raise awareness on issues related to mental health in the world. The need to mobilize efforts in supporting people suffering from mental and empowering them on how to overcome this situation falls in line with the activities of TenperCent Africa.

TenperCent Africa Organisation (TPA.ORG) is a Cameroonian nonprofit association of free giving and grateful people, employing teamwork to better the lives of the underprivileged, with a particular focus on adding value to the human factor. The Organisation seized this opportunity to launch their association and one of their main initiative: Project Happiness.
Dr. Mfout Assana
It was also the right venue to talk about depression which is one aspect of mental health. In Cameroon, there is a lot of misconception about mental health diseases. Dr. Mfout Assana, member of TPA.ORG and project coordinator for Happiness Project, intervene to throw light on depression and its impact on the Cameroonian society and the various sector of activities. She focused on explaining what depression is and provided various scenarios which determine someone is depressive. Emphasis was also laid on the causes of depression, the consequences on one’s health, and the various ways in which one can help someone suffering from depression.

Dr. Ebasone Kewir

Dr. Ebasone Kewir another member of TPA.ORG and Chief Research and Development Executive, came in to throw more light on how to empower people suffering from depression. It is not only about the person affected, but it is also the concern of the rest of the community. Stigmatization, rejection, and abandonment are some of the main factors that fragilize depressive patients. So, the main objective is not only to help the patients, but also to educate and train the rest of the community to assist and help people suffering from depression.

The launch of TPA.ORG was a great opportunity to create awareness on mental health diseases but also to talk about their work, ongoing project and future projects and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide.


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