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Tewhida Ben Sheikh, The First Woman Ever On The New Bank Notes Of Tunisia

The face of the new Tunisian bank notes 

This face is none other than that of Tewhida Ben Sheik also known as Tawhida Ben Cheikh, Taouhida Ben Cheikh. She was the first Muslim woman in North Africa to become a physician. In 1928, she became the first woman to attain a high school baccalaureate and eventually specialized in gynaecology, heading campaigns around the world on access to contraception and abortion which precipitated the legalization of abortion in 1965. She is the first woman ever, to grace the banknotes in Tunisia.

About the notes proper

The new bank notes went into circulation on the 27th of March 2020 as legal tender.
In a statement, the central bank said that the new note has several security features including:
-A watermark through the image of Ben Sheikh and the number 10 that can be seen when looking at the note through light.
-A windowed security thread that appears continuous when looked at over a light, but discontinuous otherwise.
-A circle on the upper left corner containing the number 10 that changes color depending on the angle of view
-Micro-text printing of “DIX DINARS” below the portrait of Ben Sheikh and in other places.
The note will circulate alongside the other currency of the country.


The reason behind the move
Abdelaziz Ben Said, director at the Central Bank of Tunisia, said she was chosen as a way of honouring women in the scientific and medical fields. This is excellent motivation for women across all fields and religious orientations, especially those from very conservative religious backgrounds, like Islam in this case, to keep challenging themselves into greater heights and achievements.




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