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The Africa Center Opens Its Doors To The Public: 20th Sept 2014- Free One-Day-Only Arts and Cultural extravaganza

New York City has hosted thousands of events, but none of them might have been as exciting as the official opening of The Africa Center. The center will open its doors to the public for the first time, today  Saturday, September 20th, with an all day “Meet The Africa Center” festival from 10:00am until 6:00pm. This will be followed by a ticketed concert from 8:00pm until 11:30pm. The Africa Center plans to permanently open in late 2015.

The event will see many Africans show casing their creative work. The “Meet The Africa Center” festival will be a celebration of African culture, featuring an art installation by Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh, performances by the Dance Theater of Harlem, and screenings of the inspirational film, The Power of Protest Music. If you are in NYC, then this is the only place to be. This is an opportunity to learn more about the African culture, sample African food, partake in Educational craft shops, enjoy African music, buy African inspired products and network with buddy Africans.

Find out more about the Center and book a free ticket for the concert by visiting the website www.theafricacenter.org/

About The Center

Once known as the Museum for African Art, The Africa Center has expanded its mission to become the world's leading civic African institution. Many have wondered why a center is necessary. “Africa’s role in global affairs is expanding and deepening. New York is a great city where much of the world’s politics and business is conducted. Africa needs a strong and vibrant presence in the city. . . the Africa Center, through dialogue and debate, will promote public understanding of African issues and present African perspectives on questions of world significance. The Africa Center, which reflects the ambition and vitality of a continent on the rise, will add a new and innovative dimension to New York’s long engagement with Africa.” Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General, United Nations

Africa, the world’s oldest continent with its youngest population, is rising. As this emerging market of one billion people, with extraordinary cultural richness and diversity, begins to play an increasingly significant role globally, The Africa Center will provide a gateway for engagement between Africa, New York City and the world. We'd like to congratulate the board members Chelsea Clinton, Ian Bruce Eichner, Hadeel Ibrahim, Hosh Ibrahim, Ashish J Thakkar for making it possible. Below is an article on Hadeel, as featured in Vogue

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