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Children of the Sun, Prejudice and Stigmatization

People around the world complain about racism. Blacks will say they are under looked, Chinese are molested in some parts of the world and even in India, there is a new phenomenon of bleaching to obtain a whiter complexion, as it is said that this complexion gives better consideration than being darker. There are some human beings with another complexion due to congenital disorder. They are killed in some cultures, the reason being that they carry ill luck, or their bodies are used for black magic sacrifices. They are generally called Albinos, and what they are suffering from is called Albinism.

Achromia, Achromasia, or Achromatosis are scientific words used to refer to Albinism. In science, it is the absence of any pigmentation or coloration in a person animal or plant. In the human being, it is characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin and hair.  This condition can cause sunburn and skin cancers, sight and vision problems or discomfort and pain to the eye when expose to light, and involuntary movements of the eyes. Albinism is  natural and has been scientifically proven to be hereditary. In some parts of the world and in Africa especially, Albinos are marginalized and persecuted.

Some women found themselves out of marriage because their baby is an albino. The Albino child is put aside in the society, just because he is different from others. Nobody wants to play with them or interact with them.For instance in some cultures in Cameroon,  the birth of an albino child is a result of incestuous relationship with other family members. They are considered like siblings of evil spirits or ghosts. They are also perceived to be super natural beings with super natural powers. Furthermore, there are so many prejudice, superstitions and false believes about albinos. In some countries in Africa, it is believed that the body of an albino can procure magical powers. In Tanzania many of them are mutilated and violated. It has been reported that in this country they represent one in every 1429 births, which is a higher rate than in every other nation. This explains the rate of violence on them. 


Not only Tanzania is involved in this inhuman treatment of albinos. Rituals and sacrifices have been perpetrated on albinos for so many years. Ritualists have been persuading people of having wealth, powers and success  using an albino’s hair, nails and other body parts cooked in potions. This explains the so many killings, amputation, mutilation, kidnaping, infanticides and many other crimes committed on albinos.

So far in many countries and especially African countries, organizations and associations for the protection of albinos are set up. They mobilize to put up a legislation for their security and protection as violence on albinos are crimes against humanity. In Tanzania, people are being charged for crimes on albinos. In 2014, Kenyan Isaac MWAURA called on East African legislative to set up laws for the protection of Albinos. Namibia on his part, which also has a high population with albinism has made provision for a culture and customary law in their constitution to protect them. In Cameroon there many albinos associations that have been created to protect, help and educate albinos. Persecuting and killing others just because they look different is an inhuman act. The difference in color, in culture and in mentalities shapes out the beauty in human kind. Accepting that difference, makes living with other special.


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