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The Corporate Awards Announces Partnership with Journal Diapason


The Corporate Awards is proud to announce Journal Diapason as a media partner for the first ever corporate award in Cameroon.
The main objective of this partnership is to inform the community on the raison d être of the corporate awards and update the public with relevant information The Corporate Award is the first corporate event in Cameroon which aims at recognising and celebrating companies who are excellent or strive for excellence in people management

Journal  Diapason is an online media that provides people with relevant news and information about Cameroon and Africa.
The Corporate Award is happy to work with Journal  Diapason as a media partner supporting the event
For more information about the Corporate Awards, Contact
Cedric kamgna ( Communication Director)
Email: cedric.kamgna@fabafriq.com
Facebook: The Corporate Awards
Twitter: @thecorp_awards
In the mean time visit www.journaldiapason.com to get the latest information about Cameroon and Africa


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