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Globally, women are taking the reins of leadership, charting new courses in their areas of influence and helping to impact growth both locally and internationally. Today, the daunting glamour for the place of skirts and heels in the boardroom, professional roles, business executive positions, entrepreneurship, public service and politics have surpassed the sentimental biases of equality or the penchants of parity. Women are equally measured and assessed based on their contributions and performances in their sphere of influence.

The Corporate Awards Women in Leadership which took place at Pullman on the 8th of December set a pace for women to lead, engage and impact growth wherever they find themselves. The Summit hosted over 15 national and international speakers( Dayo Oladele-Ilori, Terrence Brathwaite, Gundula Bom, Gwendoline Abunaw, Jacqueline Patcha, Patricia Kakou, Clemence Nwonkap, Celina Choi, Caude Panmo, Desiree Tolen, Charlie Teneg, Rachel Hale, Regine Ekwa Ngalle, Bertrand Tiotsop, Roland Kwemain) who highlighted on characteristics and duties of a 21st century leader, building bridges for young aspiring female leaders and measures to take to ensure a peaceful and secured work place.

This unprecedented summit unfolded under the theme, “Inspiring Women to Lead, Engage and Impact Growth” received over 200 delegates from within and out of Cameroon. The inspirational stories of the speakers made the summit quite interactive with lots of practical questions coming from all over the room.
The executive director of the summit DayoOladele-Ilori, initiated a mentor-mentee network,giving delegates the opportunity to register themselves to receive mentorship from any speaker of their choice. With this exercise, Mentors would have the opportunity to coach and guide young women who aspire to become leading women, striving to be part of the change.

The first edition of the Corporate Awards Women in Leadership was an exemplary summit. From the first to the third panel discussion, the delegates could pull from the world of experience of the speakers, their challenges and strategies in handling leadership issues.As Terrence Brathwaite (one of the international speakers) said, women are the Bosses, from managing the home to directing a multinational company.
The Corporate Awards Women in Leadership Summit will be organising mentorship programs to follow up and ensure progress in women’s leadership roles.

If you would like to join the movement today and be part of the change, you can register for the mentorship program.
Email; hello@thecorporateawards.com
Website: www.thecorporateawards.com


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