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The Ratu International Festival Postponed To December 3rd -5th

The Ratu International Festival scheduled for October 29th to 31st 2015 has been postponed to December 3rd-5th 2015.

Over the last four weeks, there have been some exciting new developments strong enough to change the current dynamics of the festival. One of such changes is the acceptance letter from the Presidency,of which the First lady has accepted to take part in this unique event.



The festival is aimed at promoting and showcasing the riches in the Cameroonian culture ( Fashion, Music and Movie) and will gather more than 2000 visitors during these three days.The guest dynamics are made up of high profile personalities from around the world including, The first lady of Indonesia, The first lady of Cameroon, Miss Indonesia, Miss Brazil, Miss Cameroon USA, American celebrity Keith Martins, Actor and model scout Alexander Marriott and many others. Due to all the buzz about Ratu, the event has attracted those  looking at connecting with international business men or those looking for an extraordinary event to entertain themselves. 

The Ratu Festival has also attracted multi-million dollar companies looking for the right platform to amplify their brand.Team Ratu is excited to announce that amongst their sponsors are Maggi, Biopharma, Gigicam,  Baileys, Camair-Co, G4S security,  
While there is a lot of excitement and anxiety happening now, the entire Ratu team wishes to apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this change of plan. .

Visit the Ratu website www.ratufestival.com and facebook page for more information and updates

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