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The Returnees: Brand New Video Series

We are pleased to introduce a brand new Video series called “The Returnees”! Recently, there has been a rise in the number of Cameroonians returning home from the Diaspora. The production team captured and continue to capture some of these Returnees’ stories in a series of video in which they share unique, personal and inspiring as well as challenging experiences with audiences worldwide. This inspirational video series is scheduled to be broadcasted nationwide in Cameroon and beyond! The Returnees are typically those who have studied and/or worked and lived in the Diaspora and have moved back home to help shape the future of Cameroon – Love for country!

The Returnees: Who are they? Where are they returning from? What are they doing upon return? Find out more from these exciting stories and kindly tell a friend to tell a friend!
We have worked on the trailer linked below and are convinced that this is great content for your readers; and would love to hereby request you to use your prestigious platforms to publish this inspiring news. If you would like to have any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Producers: Germaine A. Satia, Irene Z. Fon
Creator/Director: Miranda OBEN: http://mirandaoben.com/


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