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The Classic Afro-Centric Wedding of Lin Thokoe & Philani Ncube

You can not change your destiny! How many times have you heard someone saying this? During their secondary school years, Lin Thokoe and Philani had no idea they'll be more than "just school mates" in the future. They both grew up in Bulawayo, Makokoba Zimbabwe  and went to the same secondary school. They separated after their studies and was later re-introduced by a mutual friend in Derby UK. In 2008, Philani decided he wanted to be more than just friends and played the right cards to make her fall in love in return. Two years later, Philani decided he wanted to keep Thokoe forever and proposed to get married to her on the 3rd of May 2010. This to her was the best birthday gift and so she said YES! It was an amazing moment and their friends and family joined in their celebration.

A year later on the 9th of july 2011 they got married in Ryton-on-Dunsmore in Coventry and the reception was held in a classic African Restaurant: A typical Afro-Centric style.

FabAfriq is pleased to celebrate their happiness by sharing their wedding story and pictures.

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