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The Fabulous wedding of Ayo and Tolu Ayoola

At FabAfriq, we love to share exciting wedding stories and pictures. Today, we are sharing the story of Ayo Ayoola and his beautiful wife Tolu' Ayoola. We could not resist the story and the pictures when we saw them. This story somehow  captures what married ceremonies are like, and what getting married felt like to us. Also, the ambiance of the day was fun-filled and we could not help noticing how the couples made their big day memorable by capturing the memories. We could go on and on, but instead maybe we should just give you a little background, and expose you to a basket of amazing wedding photo collection

Name Of Bride: Tolu Ayoola

Name of Groom: Ayo Ayoola

nationality: Nigerians

Currently lives in the UK

Honymoon: We had a couple of days in Dubai. 


Ayo: We met at a gathering organised by mutual friends. It was love at fist sight and as soon as I saw Tolu, I knew the day has come when I will no longer be a single man.

Tolu: As soon as i set my eyes of Ayo, I knew he would make an amazing Lover, husband and father. I realised it was meant to be, and that he was sent to change my world

Where we come from: We are both from Western Nigeria.

WHERE WE GOT MARRIED: We had three ceremonies; the first was the court wedding which was in Nigeria on the 22nd of February 2011, Our native law/Engagement ceremony was at Jogor centre, Ibadan, Nigeria, the church blessing and reception took place here in London on the 11th of June 2011; the service was at City Temple, Holborn-via-duct and the reception was at the impresive and elegant Plaisterers Hall, 1 London wall, City of London.

HONEYMOON: We had a couple of days in Dubai. 

We' ll like thank the couple for giving us such an exciting moment, and for sharing their exclusive pictures with us.

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