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As the date draws closer to the Tozali African fashion and cultural week Abuja is proud to announce its collaboration G&G Models an exclusive mondeling agency. G&G MODELS is well known as one of the fastest growing modelling agencies out of Africa with its headquarters in Abuja.

G&G MODELS is set to provide quality runway models with experience to highlight and showcase trendy wears and accessories for three days in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. G&G MODELS AFRICA official Website: www.gngmodelsafrica.com

The event will run concurrently at Exhibition Pavilion area 11 for the outlined three days. In addition to showcasing fashion, this will be a unique opportunity to showcase artist, up and coming makeup artists, hair stylists, accessory makers and elegant runway models. The ethos of this event is to inform, persuade and remind the public, promotors and investors of the richness, diversity and talent that the arts and cultures of Africa can offer, as well as promoting students and new talents. Africa Fashion & Cultural Week is the first and sole fashion event in Africa that dedicates an entire day to Menswear, supporting the development in the menswear segment in Africa.


Tickets are available on https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tozali-africa-fashion-and-cultural-week-abuja-2017-tickets-31656145383 International and local press are further invited to cover the event, all necessary forms of IDs must be showcased for pre-selection. Contact press.abuja@afcwonline.com

Designer brands or Houses for this event can request the registration form via info.abuja@afcwonline.com until May 30th 2017 or register in one of Tozali Magazine offices in Abuja by appointment only!



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