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In the spotlight ‘Travel Fashion Music’ Trade Show

In the spotlight ‘Travel Fashion Music’ is a Trade Show where Travel, Fashion and Music industries come together to showcase their products and services while highlighting the TPGirl competition. The competition is created to sort out an online / offline freelance brand endorser for Travel Point.

THE TRAVEL POINT is A Multi-platform Travel Media brand that seeks to inspire, enlighten, entertain and guide those who travel the world essentially making their travel experiences easier and exciting.

The travel point connects with its audience and experience travel with them while understanding their perspectives and preferences through news, articles, reviews, offers and competitions. Its platforms include the New Travel Point Magazine (rebranded from the AIRLINES GUIDE) PRINT AND DIGITAL www.travelpointmag.com, Radio, TV and The Travel Point Networking Event.

The competition aims to give the lucky winner a dream job opportunity in travel and media industry

where it will enable them to grow professionally and enhance their skills.  As the main sponsors of the event, Travel Point is giving opportunities for fashion designers and creative industries to promote their brands and make possible sales by providing exhibition spaces.

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