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Tunisian Sex Occupation Ban.



Sex workers in Tunisia may now take a completely new turn as their sex occupation which was considered legal has been banned by Religious Conservatives and Women Advocates.

For over many decades, prostitution was considered a state-regulated act alongside the illegal, thus making Tunisia an outlier in the Arab world. The crackdown in prostitution however started just after the uprising in 2010 as attacks by extremists forced many brothels to close down, living only two legal brothel zones to remain opened. This decision to a great extent posed a great problem and difficulty to the sex workers as they are now unemployed and find it hard to raise their kids, pay house rents or even make a living. 

Unemployment among women is almost double than that of the men. Bad enough, women who work in brothels are usually shamed at more than the clients, and Tunisians believe it is alright for men to use brothels. Stigma and discrimination has made sex workers in Tunisia more vulnerable to violence and abuse.

On a brighter side to this ban, sex workers are now free from the ill treatments and deaths meted on them by these clients. They suffered much as they were rejected in society and definitely had no one to report to. With the help of these religious conservatives and women advocates, they hope for a better tomorrow.















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