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Checkout These Beautiful Sites In Cameroon That Will Do Justice To Your Valentine's Day!

Some people may find this cliche but it is a beautiful reality. Valentine's Day is ringing its bells again like every other years. 14th February generally called 'Valentine's day' is a day celebrated all over the world by lovers and is even made a public holiday in some countries.People most at times exchange flowers, chocolates and even engagement rings with their loved ones.This is the best occasion for the man who has been waiting for the right time to pop that very important live changing question to his partner. FabAfriq magazine has toured Cameroon and has come out with a list of some beautiful places that will make your 'vals' day a memorable one.

Elongo Gardens, Beautiful People, quality services!

Elongo Gardens is one of the most beautiful places in the South-West region of Cameroon. The hotel is situated in a structure that can be described as the Eldorado or tourist’s haven. Added to the landmass covered with beautiful flower beds and carpet trimmed grass fields is the perfect scenario which makes it one of the best hideouts for people in love.You might want to pay a visit during this valentine's day and experience the beauty of this hotel. Elongo gardens is found in one of  the most popular towns of the south west region 'Kumba' along the Alaska Street. 
Enjoy an amazing valentine's day at Elongo Gardens by booking a room for 2 days.
There is a special deal for those who book through out the month of February- FREE DINNER AND A BOTTLE OF FINE WINE. Enjoy all facilities and relax while their experience staff take care of you. 

Saddle Hill Ranch(SHR)
Saddle Hill Ranch is one of the best ranches Cameroon can boost of in her North-West region (Bafut). It is a leisure location that provides clients with luxurious facilities for relaxation,like world class hotel services, rooms, villas and jacuzzi, quart biking, horse riding, bar and restaurant, swimming pools, swings,slides and so much activiteis and places that will make your vals day a blast. 

Seme Beach Hotel 
 Limbe is the most visited town in Cameroon in terms of touristic sites which makes her beauty amazingly obvious. Seme Beach  hotel is one the best hotels in limbe which finds its self at the shore of the Atlantic ocean. For the past years she has been receiving visitors from all over the country and the world in general because of her beautiful location,the black sand found at the shore and her exceptional services

So Where Are You Taking Your Valentine?

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