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Valerie Ayena’s Story is Inspirational as She Covers FabAfriq Magazine’s Lifestyle Issue!


















Valerie Ayena’s story is pure inspiration to aspiring models and every hopeful young girl out there. In an exclusive interview with FabAfriq Magazine, Valerie gives a tip of the iceberg on what it takes to be a model and ways to survive in the industry.

Catch up with her interview and other colourful articles that showcase the African dynamism. That is what FabAfriq’s lifestyle issue is all about. Released in the UK since November 18th 2016, this issue is now available on stands in Cameroon.
Indulge yourself from the get-go with highlights on lifestyle things people cannot do without. You won’t believe the many factors that have become a huge part of daily life for different people of all social classes.

Africa is an amazing continent and cruising has become a guilty pleasure for many tourists as well as residents in recent times. The Tourism piece features the wonderful sights you can experience on an African cruise. This edition does not leave out parents: We know having “the puberty talk” can be hard but worry not! We will walk you through it.



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