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FabAfriq Magazine is pleased to announce the brand new online presence of Exquisite Handmade Jewellery by ViJouX at www.vijoux.co.uk. The website offers a unique collection of beautiful and timeless pieces for customers to buy, refer or review.
Recently, the Luxurious Brand was offered a partnership with prestigious fashion outfit, Little Black Dress, where a capsule collection of statement jewellery is available to buy. The collection at Little Black Dress will also feature at their Fashion Press show and remain in the showroom for call-ins.
And if you are wondering; The name ViJouX is a portmanteau of Victoria and bijoux, the French word for jewel.
"My designs are inspired by my interpretation of everything around me - people, nature, interior design, engineering and architecture", says the designer!
Each handmade piece is unique in nature and with a range from boho chic to statement glamour, you are bound to find something you didn't even know you needed.
New pieces are added almost weekly, so bookmark the website and visit often to find that one piece which adds the perfect touch of glamour.
Shop The Collections Now at
Little Black Dress - follow links @ vijoux.co.uk)
Get your updates and exclusive deals via
twitter - @VijouxJewellery
Facebook - www.facebook.com/Vijouxltd
For any enquiries,
Email: info@vijoux.co.uk
Call: +44 (0) 7960 895 306

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