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Vijoux Releases the TIMELESS Collection!

"The designs often come to me in my sleep. My brain forms impressions of anything I see during the day and these images are constantly repeated in my mind until I can get them all out", says Manyi, when asked about the inspiration for her latest collection.
Looking at her latest work, we are intrigued by the wide range of designs that make your heart skip a beat.
The Gold leaf necklace, made from components of a vintage necklace is the collection's piece de resistance. Recycling old jewellery can be fun when you know exactly what touch will give it the wow effect.
People often develop a sentimental attachment to some of their pieces and hold on to it even when they can’t use it. Why not recycle that old jewellery and create something fresh for your collection. She can help you create a brand new piece from something you genuinely love.
The new TIMELESS collection features gold plated and silver plated wire, with Swarovski crystals, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz and pearls, to name a few.

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