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Vijoux, Launches The THAM THEU Collection

Winter jewellery just got an injection of oriental style in the form of Manchester based ViJouX's Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.
Inspired by the story of an 80 year old Vietnamese rug, Chinese symbols and Eastern architecture, the THAM THEU collection is a beauty to behold. ViJouX designer and founder, Manyi Takor, has managed to turn the concept of designer jewellery on its head, and beautifully so, with a collection that takes the idea of complexity and strips back to beautiful minimalism.
Enamelled copper, steel, silk and crystals provide a refreshing alternative for women who buck the trend and want to stand out. Named for the dreams, hopes and emotions they evoke, the classy etched collection beckons its wearers to connect with the innermost desires of their heart through the interplay of symbolism and colour. The collection also incorporates statement pieces in ViJouX's break-out style of hand crocheted gold filled wire and these sumptuous and delicate beauties would not be out of place on any red carpet
With each piece customisable with different coloured enamels, silk tassels and swarovski crystals, the possibilities for personalisation are infinite.
Shop the AW13 Collection now at www.vijoux.co.uk.
For more information on ViJouX jewellery, high resolution images or to request pieces for editorial shoots, please contact Manyi Takor on +44 (0) 7960 895306 or email Manyi@vijoux.co.uk

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