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Camer Bloggers Hangout: A thrilling Experience with MIss Cameroon USA, Vinielle Acha-Morfaw

After carrying out all her activities in schools, health institutions, creating awareness on cancer and donating academic material to pupil and students in schools, giving her moral and material support to cancer patients, Miss Cameroon USA, Vinielle Acha-Morfaw had a hangout with the Camer Bloggers. This meetup, initially to be held in White house restaurant Bonapriso, finally took place at Altitude Beauty and Cosmetics boutique in Akwa, Douala.

Meeting Miss Cameroon USA on the 20th January 2015 in Altitude Cosmetics Boutique was a suitable idea that popped up as at the scheduled time for the hangout, the Miss was visiting the Cosmetic Boutique owned by Mrs Mary Tomdio. The change of environment was then an opportunity for the bloggers to discover the products in the shop and get to know more about Mrs Tomdio's activities. Seeing the Miss raised the bloggers curiosity as not only is she very beautiful but proved to be engaged in her mission as Ambassador for the Patcha Foundation.

Vinielle and Mrs Mary Tomdio, owner and CEO of Altitude Beauty and Cosmetic Boutique
 As usual, the media experts were so inquisitive and had so many questions for the miss among which:
- which part of the country is she from?
- How old is she, and  what is her educational background.
- What is her role as an Ambassador for the Patcha foundation and why especially she choosed to fight against cancer?
- What is her Cameroonian best dish?
- How did she find her stay in Cameroon and what are the things that marked her?

As an Ambassador of the Patcha Foundation, what is the way forward in her battle against cancer?The 21 year old nurse student from Towson University was thrilled by such enthusiasm, and replied to all the questions. She originates from "K-town" as she herself proudly confirms it. She awaits graduation coming May 2016 and like every other youth she follows the trends of her time and generation.

Her visit in Cameroon will be the second after 18 years, and she had the opportunity to visit her hometown and experience some aspects of the Cameroonian culture such the food, the music....just to name a few. The main reason why she holds at heart the fight against cancer is due to her exposure to the disease by witnessing the sufferings of some of her family members. Her support to the Patcha Foundation essentially entails sensitizing and creating awareness, comforting cancer patients and donations. She equally added that creating awareness is really the way forward for cancer prevention. This entails a healthy diet, early screening and good hygiene.

Vinielle receiving a Chopnuckle apparel from Clifford, CEO of Chopnuckle

Being among youngsters made the atmosphere cool as Vinielle higlighted some experiences of her 10 days visit in Cameroon. She expressed herself in "Pidgin English", mentionning that her favorite dish is "Coki Corn", had a photoshoot with one of the top professionnal photographers in Cameroon, M. Alain Ngann of Unknow and anecdotes that made her stay a one in a kind and a memorable experience. She promised to keep contact with all the new friends she made, and encouraged the bloggers in their initiative. The hangout ended with a session of pictures, gifts to the miss and of course some snacks, making it all cheerful and merry.


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