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Viola Llewellyn Covers FabAfriq’s Inspirational Issue.

Co-founder and President of Ovamba Solutions, Inc. Viola Llewellyn graces the cover of FabAfriq magazine. The inspirational interview gives her insight and opinion on business, women issues and life in general. With a world of experience gained from various roles at: Unisys Corporation, IBM, KPMG Consulting, BearingPoint Rothschild’s, and many others, Viola has gained powerful leadership skills which she has called upon on numerous occasions.

Viola is quite an inspirational figure, making countless contributions to the growth of the African business world. Her historic journey in both the corporate and the business world is a great resource pot to tap into. Her global achievements urged us to dig further, unearthing her struggles and how she overcame them. Viola’s is a remarkable story worthy of FabAfriq Magazine’s Inspirational Issue and most especially the COVER.

In her interview with FabAfriq Magazine, the bold and fearless Voila encourages every woman to take the bull by the horn and face every challenge with bravery. Get inspired to step out of the ordinary and dream beyond the present, as she rightly puts it: “We are here to build the foundation for those unborn and for Africa’s legacy to be returned to what it was always going to be – the cradle of mankind.”





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