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Viola Llewellyn, In the News Again

 Just a few days ago, we published an editorial about Viola Llewellyn, Co-founder and Global COO of Ovamba Solutions, congratulating her for receiving a special invitation to speak at the Wilton Park Conference in October 2015. This made headline news because Wilton Park conferences are popularly known for inviting only guests whose opinion can influence policies change. Viola was also invited for Tea at Buckingham Palace UK, another gesture to show that she is influential in her area of expertise. This invitation came after her powerful presentation as a speaker at the Women of the Future Summit which took place on the 26th of October 2015 at Hilton Park Lane Hotel London.

Connecting with the right business partners is important in business development, but sharing your knowledge to many via a variety of platform is core for personal development. Through working with SMEs, Viola has been able to contribute to some of their successes as the COO of Ovamba Solutions. This is done through giving them access to low interest rate finances offered within a very short application process.
As a leader, Viola leads by example, a leadership style which has made her a role model both internationally and within her operational communities. Her invitation to speak at the Women of the Future Summit and the Wilton Park Conferences are good examples. Though she has a very strong record of speaking engagements, she is highly solicited in the FinTech industry. This is not only because of her in depth expertise but also because of the passion for what she does. This has no doubt earned her a lot of recognition amongst some high profile media houses around the globe. Recently, Viola has made breaking news on numerous platforms both in the diaspora and in Africa. The recent media appearances include, Homestrings.com, Africa Agenda, BoldandFearless.me, The African News Hub. FabAfriq Magazine, AriatuPR.com etc. Her exceptional story has also been published in Kwin Magazine Cameroon. Kwin magazine is one of the most popular people’s magazine published and distributed in Cameroon, France and Central African countries.
In the editorial, Viola's achievements were highlighted as an inspiration to many. Although Viola has a busy diary, we would like to say that she is available for interviews and public appearances.

For more information about Viola and to book an interview, please contact her media relation person.

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