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Viola Llewellyn to host Webinar: “Out of Africa, A Global Fintech Revolution”

Viola Llewellyn, Chief Operations Officer at Ovamba Solutions, Inc. will host a webinar on the FinTech revolution in Africa. The Webinar, themed “Out of Africa: A Global FinTech Revolution”, will take place on Thursday, 19th of May 2016 at 3PM West Africa Time or “on-demand” afterwards. The Webinar will last for 59 minutes and participants can register for free HERE

The other panellists are Akin Sawyer of Feleman, USA and Rebecca Enonchong of AppsTech, a Bethesda, Maryland USA..
With regards to the FinTech revolution in Africa, we have to look at the growth of Continental African start-ups. This burgeoning group are innovating in both product and servicing areas to address the gaps left by traditional financial service institutions.

The webinar promises to provide insights into a variety of key topics covering:
•The contextual meaning behind data or lack thereof in Africa
• Creating a sustainable ecosystem for African SME funding within a FinTech construct
•“It’s about scoring” - alternative methods of financing, setting investor expectations, and mitigating risk
•New models in credit risk assessment across all financial products: The key to unlocking greater uptake of mortgages, loans, insurance etc.
•“Is our continent ready for new financial products?” How to meet the needs of various segments of African entrepreneurs: Micro insurance, payment systems, mobile money, insurance
•Payments, BlockChain, BitCoin and digital currency – “what about it?”
•“Culture meets Capital” How do the different cultural groups on the continent address their relationship with technology
•“Bridging the Gap” – Increasing the flow of money across borders and the landscape of remittances.
To sign up for the webinar and participate register for free TODAY at Bright TALK @ http://bit.ly/1ZMdbS2.
If you have any questions or topics that you would like addressed during the webinar, email your questions to the host at viola.llewellyn@Ovamba.com
For additional information contact
Adeline Sede
Email: pr@fabafriq.com/
Website: http://www.ovamba.com


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