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Vlisco: DELICATE SHADES collection

It is that time of the year, when we wonder what to offer to our mothers, sisters, best friends or simply a treat to us by us. Vlisco has made it really easy for us to choose amongst a variety of shades called "Vlisco Delicate Shades fabric collection". Vlisco has a culture of playing with colours and top quality fabrics. In this collection,  design plays a starring role and the accessories that accompany this can hardly go noticed.  take control of your African print collection by exploring  your own creativity and enjoy the ultimate Vlisco designs as part of the Delicate Shades fashion & accessories collection, available in Vlisco Boutiques as of November 2011.

From the past collection, it is no doubt true to conclude that, Vlisco has reviewed its own craftsmanship, rediscovering its uniqueness and creativity, and experiencing its drawing technique in a completely different light. This is one of the reasons why it is possible to create two designs in one, or why it is easy to get  a transparent effect and create an ultimate Vlisco effect when blend together. It is also noticed that, a number of designs take on a different appearance when viewed from the left or right, resulting in infinite ways to wear it. A range of bold blue shades and overpowering earthy tones are highlighted by bright accents of yellow and pink. The colourful graphic designs play with your mind, transforming into three-dimensional illustrations with outlined shadows, as the elusive waves of colour appear to set the illustrated woman into motion, seemingly revived in your imagination. 

 Whatever you think is your shade, there is a shade for you in the "Vlisco Delicate Shades fabric collection" log on http://www.vlisco.com/ and start shopping. Merry Christmas and happy 2012!

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