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Vlisco Presents The power of subtlety

Behold the hidden secrets of the new Vlisco fabric collection named Silent Empire. The drama of a frozen opera with a touch of blossoming wit reveals spiritual ambiguity. A restrained yet ceremonious composition of graphic shapes further emphasises a sense of a serene stratification.

The fabrics designs of the Silent Empire collection feature daring graphic patterns tone down by a colour palette of  muted earth tones. the careful use of colours such as bright blue and lime green burst out light in the designs.
As usual, Vlisco has added a touch of playfulness as it does in all its patterns.

The concept of duality is also introduce in this new collection. Duality has a deep meaning in many culture, as it enforces the concept of sharing.Two as one collection is a range of vlisco fabric of complimentary opposite. Vlisco creates 2 designs which are inverted versions of one another. The designs can be wore alone, or teamed up with their twin for a twist.
To find out more about their new collection, visit their website at http://www.vlisco.com/ while you are at it, don't forget to order your fabric for a unique Vlisco experience.
valentine's day sapecial.
Vlisco is spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with a special promotion, only in selected stores in Africa and France. To win this amazing offer, please click here http://www.vlisco.com/valentine/en/page/517/ 

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