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The Hommage à l’Art collection

Vliscco is at its best again with the introduction of  "The Hommage à l’Art collection". This new collection  honours Vlisco’s art by placing its iconic drawings in the spotlight. This theme evolves from this year's concentrate on craftsmanship. Vlisco’s fabrics are known for their expressive drawings and this is just one of the things that make their brand so unique and loved by everyone.  From the feminine florals that draw on their batik heritage to modern hand-drawn abstract designs, the collection features a wide range of icons. For the first time, some of the drawings have been printed using different techniques, so that the same design is repeated in Java and Wax-block fabrics. Various heritage drawings were also reinterpreted to give their stories a podium. These heritage drawings inspired designers to create new fabric designs, using an amalgam of famous Vlisco icons literally placed on a pedestal. To Find out more about Vlisco, please visit their website

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