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Vlisco: The Think Collection - Now In Shops And On Their Website

For the very first time, Vlisco launches a brand campaign focusing on the intimate relationship we enjoy with our consumers. For over 160 years, Vlisco has been the very fabric of life for many African women, present at all the special moments throughout life. This campaign shows the intimate bond between mother and daughter. We witness a moment in time when a mother passes on her love of live and wisdom, including her love of Vlisco fabrics. With this campaign we hope to touch the hearts of our consumers and illustrate further how we are entwined in all their special moments in life. This campaign is the first in a series of Vlisco special moments, which will continue throughout the year,

THE NEW COLLECTION ‘THINK Simultaneously, Vlisco also launches its new collection ‘Think’. This collection contains a dazzling array of new fabrics, heavily inspired by the architectural and minimalist world of Bauhaus, one of the first schools of design in Germany. ‘Think’ inspires women to follow their mind’s eye and give it free reign to create an outfit that fits their heart’s desire perfectly. Clever coloring. For this collection Vlisco was not only influenced by Bauhaus design philosophies, but also by their approach to color. By creating new colors, such as the grassy green, and combining and layering them in a striking fashion the colors too tell a story. Limited Editions. Celebrating the true beauty of their heritage, Vlisco has chosen a selection of their fabrics, which complement the architectural style of Think, and enriched them with a sparkling layer of silver or gold. Some new designs have also had a sprinkling of gold or silver for a touch of fashion luxury that requires no further thought. Prêt-à-Couture. For the very first time and from February 1st onward, a premium tailoring service is available in our Vlisco Boutiques in Ghana (Accra Mall & Westhills Mall). This Prêt-à-Couture tailoring service will soon be available too in: Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast and Democratic Republic of Congo. Vlisco Prêt-à-Couture offers a premium tailoring service, providing beautiful fashion in a few easy steps. Consumers simply choose a silhouette, their favorite fabric, have their measurements taken and receive their perfectly tailored outfit shortly after. And to affirm its Vlisco authenticity, every garment will be finished using the finest branded linings and trimmings.

Vlisco, a story as unique as our fabrics. Our heritage is quite unlike any other. Since 1846, we've created unique textiles influencing the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa. These fabrics reflect true Dutch craftsmanship and are still known as ‘Hollandais’, from the French word for ‘Dutch’. We are in fact the only brand creating authentic Dutch Wax fabrics recognizable for their unique design, colors and wax craquelé. Today, Vlisco is an International brand with a rich heritage and many heart-warming stories to tell. Stories of family history, inheritance and of fabrics that have deeper meaning and are honored with names of endearment by our consumers and traders. Our story is as such ever evolving. Vlisco, the true original since 1846. PRESS RELEASE Embargo: please note that the image rights are strictly embargoed until the launch on 9th January 2015 A NEW VLISCO BRAND CAMPAIGN, WHICH HONORS ITS INTIMATE BOND WITH THE AFRICAN CONSUMER For the very first time, Vlisco launches a brand campaign focusing on the intimate relationship with enjoy with our consumers. For over 160 years, Vlisco has been the very fabric

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