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VOTE NOW!!! Ben Bin Meh For BEFFTA 2013- Please Vote NOW!!!

Never Vote YES for a product or person you are not sure of. Ben Bin Meh has been described by many as a creative engineer. From photography to writing, he has always succeeded in capturing the perfect moment and leaving his readers and viewers spell-bound. It did not come as a surprise to many, when he wa nominated Best photographer for the Beffta award UK. Voting runs from the 6th October 2013 and ends on the 20th October so spreading the word would get him more votes!Please follow these simple steps; go to www.beffta.com/voting enter your name and email select nomination category (best photographer) then select Benjamin Bin-Meh

About Ben Bin Meh

As a member of the Big photography society, Ben is recognised as being professionally involved in ‘Creative Art and Photography’ covering a large leverage with extensive expertise.

His commitment extends far beyond outdoor and indoor shots and spans a wide range of portraiture variables.
As a native from  Cameroon (Africa Miniature) it is no doubt understood where his eyes for details come from when you look at his work. Cameroon is well known to be one of the world’s most diversified countries, culturally and geographically. Being unique in its form, it has over two hundred and fifty spoken regional languages, with French and English being the official languages.

Cameroon’s uniqueness enabled him to develop an endless interest and passion in history, art and of course photography, where he incorporate them across a diverse range of genres. Blending the sense of discovery, capturing rare moments and sceneries, sharing and prioritizing quality over quantity, to those who know Ben, these factors are an absolute drive.

Although winning this award would be a great achievement to Ben, the fact that his work has been recognised and nominated means much more to him than just a nomination. It means his years of training, practicing and photographing has gained more than an interest to the community he serves.
Below is a selection of some of his images. Most are un-retouched and in their natural form, yet the clarity speaks volum! To vote for him, please follow the link below

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