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Wangujeans: “ROYAL Diva” Campaign 2012"

Every woman should have a jean they can count on. As an African woman, it has been a pain to get the perfect jean to cater for our most cherished asset! I am sure you all know what we are talking about. Help is around and it came in different colours, length and sizes. Most especially, it cmes with a very affordable price tag and is manufactured in Italy, fashion's most respected country!

These jeans are designed with a personal and constructed fit for women with exotic curves and different shapes..

 WANGUJEANS is a designed female jeans brand with a personal and constructed fit. The jeans are developed for women with exotic curves and different shapes.  Every detail in each style is being carefully considered with the purpose to create a unique product, which expresses Individuality, high quality & Contemporary Fashion. The jeans are easy to adapt to any occasion, whether up dressed or casual. Each garment is crafted with great attention to workmanship and quality. A collection characterized by innovative details in washes and fabric treatments as well as the techniques and combinations.
Wangu Jean is pleased to announce a new jeans campaign called “Royal diva" in connection with their European 2012 Launch. The shoot for this campaign was done in the fashionable and luxurious Hotel Royal Aarhus, which has accommodated many famous artists such as H.C. Andersen, Louis Armstrong and Madonna – because the new collection is Royal, this was the most perfect location for the photo shoot.

As a company, WanguJean is dedicated to providing support in areas where help is most needed, which is why the Wangujeans Foundation has been established to supports women -Support a woman in Africa – and you support her whole family.. 

Wangu jeans are made from authentic handmade accessories such as kitenge, beads and bags made by women in Kenya and Tanzania.By purchasing a pair of jeans you are helping women in selected communities in Africa. One of their highest priorities is to support, develop and create employment in Africa. 
Find out more about Wangujean from http://www.wangujeans.com
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