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#WEARE1NE Green Friday Initiative Receives Massive Support on Launch Day

On Friday 23rd of January 2015, Africa 2.0 launched the “Green Friday campaign” as part of its WeAre1ne campaign. Green Friday aimed to show solidarity and empathy towards thousands of the lives lost and victims of attacks in Nigeria, many other countries in Africa and across the world. We urge all for unity towa

A few hours after the campaign was launched, more than 4500 selfies were received from supporters in Africa and around the world wearing green and showing their index to show solidarity. In addition to this, support from more than 35300 on Facebook, 3300 on Twitter were counted. 
From the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mamadou Toure, founder of Africa 2.0, was able to mobilize D’Banj and Tony Elumelu, Aliko Dangote, Donald Kaberuka and Cherie Blair amongst many others. From the Sundance Festival, an important amount of celebrities were rallied: Jamie Foxx, DJ Irie, Young Knoxx, etc.
“On Saturday we were submerged by people around the world asking to carry on the campaign’’: says Gavin Rashopola, Communication manager, Africa 2.0. 

“Therefore, we decided the Green Friday will take place every Friday until end of February. So we count on you to spread the word and get involved, as well as your family and friends.”
The Green Friday Campaign goes way beyond simple advocacy and reaction to an event. It further aims at gathering active participation of citizens globally in problem solving through active brainstorming for recommending solutions and ideas on our Facebook page and other social media to address current challenges.

''Weare1ne Green Friday is a universal message that talks to people regardless of their race, gender, culture and religious beliefs. We’ve been impressed by Friday mobilization but we know we can do more. We want to do more” says Mamadou Toure.

How to get involved
1. Follow #WeAre1ne on all your social media platforms. Twitter and Facebook Retweet to the max on all social media proposing solutions that are inclusive, pacific and constructive and that can address the roots of the problem.
A summary of the best recommendations will be published twice weekly on our Facebook page and newsletter reaching more than 15000 supporters. The best solutions from the final report will be shared with the leaders and the public.

2. Wear green, and Take selfies wearing green outfit with the index finger up to symbolize the number  1.

3. Post your picture on your Facebook, Instagram and other social media and tag your friends for them to rally and follow the movement. 
4. Take group pictures around the same theme to show collective mobilization.
5. Upload #Weare1ne videos on YOUTUBE with your testimonies around the situation wearing a green outfit.
6. If you are African or of African Diaspora please add the #FABA (For Africa By Africa) and #WEARE1NE.

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