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Your wedding day is here; One of life's greatest passages, it’s a moment in time that changes everything. A day where you affirm your commitment to the one you love and cherish above all else – the romantic side of getting married. You start planning, you hear the prices of Professional Wedding Photographers and suddenly, your heart begins to pound and your throat becomes dry, you might even become hysterical. Breathe; it’s not as bad as you think. With so many different photographers out there, wedding photography is now more affordable than ever before. Question is - what should you look for when choosing your Wedding Photographer?                         
The are four things we at JohnMarxis believe are important to your decision making process – Professionalism, Personality, Photographic Style and most importantly, Quality of Work.
Yes, there are many photographers out there but not all are professional. Too often, I speak with friends who are married and hear horrid tales of how let down they feel by the sub-standard work done by their photographer. A common complaint is the fact that they feel their photographer failed to capture the realism of the wedding i.e. the emotions, the ups and downs, the stress, the shouting, the tears, the laughter, the joy, and most crucially, the love between the couples.
As a couple, look for someone who is professional, a mind that ‘thinks behind the camera’, who instinctively knows what to do and captures the defining moments as they occur; someone who approaches your wedding with great love, respect and humility. It’s true that Professional Wedding Photographers do tend to cost more and that’s because they do more for you. They focus entirely on your wedding, not only on the day itself but during the preceding weeks and those that follow, all in order to give you a gift that captures your wedding the way you want it remembered for years to come.
Personality and Photographic Style
You might wonder what personality has got to do with finding a Professional Wedding Photographer? It has everything to do with it. This is very often the one thing couples overlook, often with disastrous results. Poor rapport with your Wedding Photographer signals disaster. Reports of photographers who switch off during the ceremony or appear distracted and sluggish are commonplace as a result of personality clashes. To capture the joy and excitement of your day, aim for a photographer who is energetic, humble, alert, understanding, respectful and ready to make your wedding the best yet by capturing decisive moments. Have a non-formal discussion with them prior to your wedding day to get an idea of their personality and what they stand for. Having a conversation with them will also give you an idea of their approach to weddings and whether or not you are on the same page. This is essential in determining whether the finished product is likely to be to your taste and style.
Nowadays, there are many different styles of wedding photography out there but one theme runs through. Photographic style is a reflection of the personality of the Wedding Photographer and should also reflect yours and your partner‘s. Choosing a photographer with a personality that does not match yours and your partner’s, more often than not results in a photographic style is wrong for you. A breakdown of the wrong personality represents in actions like, not allowing you to enjoy your day, continuous handling for more and more posed images and little authenticity in the emotions of your day. The right personality captures interesting, heartfelt moments; moments you barely realised  occurred. This unobtrusive style gives the photographer the opportunity to document your wedding in its truest form, catching unexpected moments, showing the joys of the human spirit and the charming chaos of the best man’s speech.
Quality of Work
Anyone can take pictures and call themselves a photographer, but not all photographers deliver the same quality of work. This is something you need to keep in mind when choosing your Wedding Photographer. Professional Wedding Photographers deliver outstanding quality. The important question to ask yourself is how you want to remember your wedding. How you want your wedding remembered will play a significant role in the Wedding Photographer you choose. There are far too many brides out there, too embarrassed to share their wedding photographs with friends because of the poor quality of work they received.
Think about this: After all is done; the food is eaten, decorations taken down, guests departed and the reception venue cleared, the only thing that remains with you are your memories and the photographs which should capture them beautifully. Above all else, your wedding photographs will be the only keepsake for your future generations. The saying “you get what you pay for” is often appropriate, so don’t scrimp on this aspect of your special day. Be mindful, however, that you need not exceed your budget as a good Professional Wedding Photographer will be able to provide you with a good quality album based on your budget. Even with restrictions on your budget, the quality above all else will remain a constant factor in the Wedding Photographer’s work.
Good Luck!
JohnMarxis – Professional Wedding Photographer

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