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Action Hero swimwear collection by William Witherspoon

Superheroes will be on the beach this summer in bold, bright, colors, and metallic looking textures. Harlem based designer William Witherspoon brings a touch of the superhero to the summer 2013 beach season. The iconic action figure was the inspiration for the Swimwear collection from his swimwear collection. Vibrant colors complement intricate prints, shiny accents, and animal prints that evoke a touch of Africa. The collection was also released in calendar form this year. William Witherspoon has shown collections at AFWNY, and Fashion on the Hundson NYC. His designs have also been featured in Fashion Avenue News and Bill Cunningham's NY Times style section.

FAB: Mr. Witherspoon, please tell me a little about yourself, and what inspires you as a designer
BW: I’m a Harlem designer, my designs influenced by Jimi Hendrix, George Clinton and maybe even president barack Obama during his college years. Men that were community oriented, relationship oriented. They would have a sense of family, they would be well traveled and speak more than one language. They would play an instrument and pave their own way in life.

FAB: I think you have to be somewhat daring regarding fashion to fully embrace your designs, would you agree?
BW: Well it’s not for everybody, I don’t do anything for the fashionably timid. I usually dress men that have a great deal of Brooks Brothers , they generally own a great deal of Izod and they have a wardrobe that’s quite expansive. I dress a man so that when he walks into a room with say 500 people he’s not like the others.

FAB: how do you go about putting together a collection?
BW: I never look and see what everybody else is doing. I stay abreast of the industry but I always challenge myself , what I do is I look at my last collection and I always try to keep the standard high.

FAB:  How would you describe your own personal style?
BW: I try to reflect it as a respectable gentleman, and to keep it crisp. I like getting dressed so that if somebody says “lets” I can say “go.” You know so that we can actually go and sit in the Waldorf Astoria and have a cup of coffee or we can go to Starbucks. We could step into the bodega, I try to get dressed so that it will allow me to travel in many different circles. I don’t feel like I have to go back home and change clothes. 
Photography : Roy Anthony Morrison
Hair : Marque Washingtone
Make up : Jerwel Gainey
Accessories : Imani Jewwelryor more information about his designs, and to obtain a copy of the Action Hero calendar please contact : William Witherspoon - https://www.facebook.com/william.witherspoon.313?fref=ts

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