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Sheria Ngowi's ''YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN''

Thomas Ngowi (Sheria Ngowi).
Age: 28yrs old.
Fashion label: SHERIA NGOWI.
Current Location: India. 
Sheria Ngowi (Walter Thomas Ngowi) is a Tanzanian fashion designer and Founder of the Sheria Ngowi Brand. Born on October 1st, 1982, Ngowi is the second of 5 children in a middle-class family of the Late Mr. Thomas Kishari Ngowi and Mrs. Mary Mathias Kessy. Thomas Ngowi was a lawyer and his wife, a Bank Accountant.
Ngowi studied Law but an untameable love for fashion has seen him change his course.
“My interest in Fashion has been with me for as long as I can remember. Both my parents introduced me into the world of fashion because of their passion for it. My father especially, had a love for fashion and sense of style which inspired me a lot. I remember styling my parents before they left the house for any event and pretty soon I was the family stylist. This made me realize I had a talent in Fashion.”

Talking about his inspiration, Ngowi says, “I get my inspiration from a lot of things. Often, something as basic as seeing a single button, some fabric or trimming which triggers an idea for a design. I never spend a lot of time stressing about what ’theme’ my collections should have. The ideas are always there and flow freely, once I start sketching. My designs are heavily influenced by the past but I have evolved, in a sense, blending modern trends with the classic vintage looks while incorporating bursts of colour.
Ngowi never actually attended fashion school but often refers to the quote, “Practice makes perfect“. He admits though, that the statement may always be true but he believes that practice does go a long way towards making one better.
“If you're a designer, you should be designing things. It is sometimes very easy to get hung up on the minutiae of work and life but the best way to improve designs is to do the designs. It’s just like actors rehearse their lines until they learn them perfectly. Musicians practice their songs until every note is just right. Athletes train so they can excel in their sporting activity. Ask any successful designer in the community about how they have succeeded and they will attribute much of their success to just doing the job.”
Ngowi’s career began in 2008 when his designs for both women and men debuted under Brand name
Sheria Na Mavazi in Mysore, India. The name, Sheria Na Mavazi, translates into Dressing Principles or Regulations.
 In 2009, he launched my first professional collection under his own name Sheria Ngowi Designs. This Collection was dedicated to his late father who was the driving force behind Ngowi’s love for fashion and was designed exclusively for men.

“I felt concentrating on one gender at a time allowed me to express myself better. I am now working on a women’s collection and that should be ready soon.”
THE IDEA OF Sheria Ngowi
“My fashion philosophy is similar to my philosophy on life. The Idea behind Sheria Ngowi is that Fashion is much more than the clothes you wear; it’s a lifestyle. My goal is to give everyone, men & women around the world, a platform for inspiration. I showcase all things fashionable and stylish and I want to encourage people to go beyond their boundaries and try something new”.
Talking about his vision, Ngowi refers to the fact that there are no African designers who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford and Ozwald Boateng; names at the helm of the largest luxury brands of the world. His aim is to spark interest and ignite growth in the fashion industry in Tanzania and Africa as a whole, challenging the “rules” of fashion.         
We have talent. All that we need is exposure and investment in the right areas. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to accomplish but I believe everything is possible when you have the right plan. Sheria Ngowi’s next objective is to feature at all the major fashion events hosted around the world.”
Later this year, Ngowi launches his flagship store in Dar- es- salaam, followed by an online store where customers will be able to purchase his products directly. This will be done in conjunction with his planned fashion show, the first of its kind in Tanzania.
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