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YooMee Wins The Corporate Awards Best Customer service


The Corporate Awards’ Best Customer Service category appreciates companies that set clear policies for their employees to work in a comfortable environment. They ensure their employees have not only the key skills to satisfy external customers, but the ability to work in an environment free from bullying and harassment, whistle blowing, backbiting and emotional conflicts. Under observation were the policies or procedures put in place by the company to ensure this, and Yoomee Cameroon proved they were equal to the challenge.
YooMee Cameroon is a telecommunications operator on the Internet market since May 2011, a subsidiary of YooMee Africa Group, with its headquarters in Switzerland. Since the launch of its activities in Cameroon, YooMee has not ceased to grow through innovation, using revolutionary techniques in promoting and making available internet services to the public.
The company is not at all new when it comes to winning awards, and winning the Corporate Awards’ Best Customer Service category was yet another occasion for them to demonstrate their competence after the stringent competition. Joining Yoomee Cameroon at the top-three position were Afric Invest and Ecobank. At the end of the night, Yoomee Cameroon turned out to be the outstanding company in this category. The wireless broadband internet providing company had to show that the welfare of its employees is one of its objectives, with a clear route that demonstrates internal conflict resolution policies and a dedication to train staff on both internal and external customer care.



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