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Kids/Parents "When To Talk Alcohol"

Many parents may likely not see the need to talk alcohol with kids but the truth remains that  children always want to try new things they have been warned not to .Teens now our days start tasting and even taking  drugs and alcohol at a very tender age. Research has shown that 80% of high school kids have tried alcohol.
Alcohol is not just unhealthy for teens but a crime against and punishable by the law. It is necessary for every parent to educate the children on the effects of alcohol use and abuse.

Why and when to talk Alcohol with children
There is actually no age nor time for a parent to discuss such issues with the child. The earlier he or she is told about it the better.

A childhood void of alcohol is the best
When a child is made to understand the ills of alcohol and tend to grow up without drinking, he or she has the tendency of not becoming a heavy drinker at a mature age or might end up not drinking alcohol at all while the reverse is true as the tendency for a child who starts drinking at a younger age to continue with the attitude and might become an addict is higher

Importance of being the first to tell the child about it
The influence of one's peer in life is usually very strong especially at puberty. It will be better that as a parent, you talk to the child about it before his peer tell him how good alcohol is.Once the child gets the positive aspect of alcohol first it will be very difficult to replace or make him understand the ills in it.

You have greater influence on your child
All parents have greater influence on their kids than outsiders,especially the mothers.a mother is usually considered a role model to a child's education and up bringing. Research has it that parents have great influence on teenagers attitude and behavior towards alcohol perception and consumption.

A crime against the law.
as earlier said alcohol is not just unhealthy for tins but its a crime and its 
punishable if the child persists.A parent should always make sure they highlight such things to a child before he gets into trouble

Effects of Alcohol on kids.
Alcohol poisoning
Alcohol can be poisonous to everyone that drinks too much in a short time. A child has a more fragile system and will easily get poisoned by much intake of alcohol.

Liver damage
Excess alcohol can lead to severe liver damage and the major problem here is that there are little or no symptom of liver damage, and the illness only pops out when it is very serious

Alcohol in itself is not actually a bad thing but becomes bad for kids below 18 and when over taken by matured people.

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