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FabAfriq Magazine issue 6 NOW OUT:Something Special

Last year, we promised to bring you much more exciting content and to talk about people making news. Well, we have picked on one of your all time favourite...
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Ethiopian Airlines: Launches Medical Packages

Ethiopian Airlines approves 25% discount on airfare for patients and one attendant
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FabAfriq Magazine Launched in Cameroon: Glamour Et Al

It is official! UK Based African lifestyle magazine has arrived in Cameroon.
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Ethiopian Airlines Sponsors Mount Cameroon Race of Hope 2014

Moments at Mt. Cameroon Race of Hope 2014

Moments of Mount Cameroon Race of Hope 2014
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Eto is older than 32! Says Mourihno

Mourihno caught questioning Eto's age!
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Congo Chicken Moambe

Moambe, which means Stew in central Africa is fast becoming popular in European cuisine
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How Bad Is It To Sleep In Make-Up?

Clean It up-
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​ Divalenore Luxury Hair Extensions Launches Online Hair Boutique Featuring the Diamond and Gold Collection

DivaLenore Luxury Hair Extensions, DivaLenore Hair, human hair technology, online hair boutique,

DivaLenore Hair provides 100 percent virgin human hair that is natural and of the highest quality.
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​International Make Up Artist Launches WOW Beauty Website To Celebrate The Beauty of Diversity

Denise Rabor, Makeup and Beauty, International Make-up Artist, WOW Beauty

WOW Beauty is a beauty website designed to ignite the reader’s passion for beauty - in all its diverse forms. With stunning imagery, in-depth beauty features, product reviews and expert analysis, WOW Beauty is the comprehensive guide to looking and feeling empowered.
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​Launch of New Product Line, BrightenMi Luxury Cosmetics

BrightenMi, Luxury Cosmetics

Introducing a complete skin care line that is designed to nurture and deliver flawless and brighter skin
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​Les produits 3-DPharma, gamme 100% naturelle pour votre santé et beauté

Santé, Beauté, Equilibre, Naturel, 3-DPharma, Panacea Pharma,

Les produits naturels regorgent d’innombrables avantages : ils nettoient et purifient tous les organes du corps dans leurs intégralités et n’ont pas d’effets secondaires.
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Qui a inventé le défrisage... Origine et histoire.

La nature capillaire des femmes et des hommes noirs a fait l’objet de plusieurs recherches au cours des années surtout en matière d’entretien. L’avènement du défrisage s’est avéré une solution salutaire pour modifier la texture crépue et ainsi faciliter la coiffure des cheveux.
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3_DPharma Products- A Range of 100% Naturally Made Products for all Health and Skincare Issues

3_DPharma, Natural Products, Beauty, Skin, Health,

For an ageless skin and a healthy body, check out 3_DParma's range of natural beauty and health products. it works for all infections on different body organs with no secondary effect.
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Actress Nora Ndem visits the Internally Displaced of Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon

Nora Ndem, IDP, Bonaberi, Douala, Cameroun

Nora Ndem puts a smile on the faces of the afflicted at the beginning of the year and promises to come back to check on their situation as she is creating a forum where other sympathisers could get involved to support the Internally Displaces Persons in Cameroon.
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Caffeinate your health, skin and beauty!

Coffe, Brewed Drink, Melomana, Coffee Beauty Products, Coffee Drinking, Caffeine, Healthy Skin, Medicinal Values

Moderate regular coffee drinking in healthy individuals is either benign or beneficial for people’s health.
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CAPEC Campaign's for a Safe School for Girls- "Stop Sexual harassment in Schools”

Sexual harassment in schools is becoming very unsafe for growing girls. Women being the most vulnerable to sexual abuse in school and social environment are experiencing difficulties in these milieus.
CAPEC group has heard the cry of these girls and thinks a campaign will go a long way to raise awareness on the negative impact of this ill act
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Carotino Palm Oil: You Have Tried The Rest,Now Taste The Best!

Carotino products are refined using a unique patented, chemical free process which retains the natural goodness and nutrients of red palm fruit
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Circumcision - Pleasure vs. De-personification

Should women be tortured?

My late childhood was spent in Harar, a village in Ethiopia. Here, everyone was circumcised before they reached the age of ten. I was nine years old when I arrived at the village and the assumption by everyone was that because of my age, I was circumcised. It wasn’t until three or four years had gone by that I was found to be indeed, uncircumcised.
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Creme of Nature nutrient-rich Oil Treatment

Most women worry about their hair and protecting their hair against breakages is a priority. Get a free
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Dangote et Bill Gates ensemble contre la malnutrition

Dangote, Bill Gates, Nigéria, malnutrition, lutte, 100 millions de dollars, agriculture

Dans le cadre de l’aide au développement, Dangote et Bill Gates ont décidé de s’allier dans la lutte contre la malnutrition au Nigéria.
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Destiny Home Fundraising Gala, May 31st, 2019

Destiny Home, Gala, Vulnerable Children, Orphans, Mothers, Babies

Destiny Home seeks “To help restore and build lives by meeting the physical, social, and educational needs of one woman, one child at a time”.
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Detox To Lose Weight! SMOOTHIE SECRETS

Detox and lose weight!

Fufu and eru, Ndole, egusi soup,Edikang ikong, bobotie, Nkrakra, red red, Chicken Moambe, yassa, Domoda, Riz Senegalese, etc...How do you feel? Does the thought of haven eaten all this food during the festive season invokes a slight groan in your chest? Absolutely NO.
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Do It Yourself Nails Care: Tips to Get Homemade Treat.

Homemade nails care is economical.
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Discover The Amazing Beauty Of Elongo Gardens..

The history of Elongo Gardens can be considered a chain, the main idea behind this Hotel was actually to construct a hostel then over the years it changed to a hotel, But today we are looking forward to transforming it into a beautiful resort.
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Equatorial Guinea arms herself against the Ebola threat for the 2015 AFCON

Officials say visitors to the central African country (Equatorial Guinea) hosting the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations will undergo medical examinations and follow safety rules during their stay.
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Get our first copy free of charge!

Offer ends on the 31st of January 2012

Get our first issue free of charge! Offer ends on the 31st of January 2012!
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FabAfriq magazine: Exclusive Launch Party @ Meridien Hotel

As we hand out our Black, Red and Gold invitation cards, the silent Wows from our potential VIP guests say one thing "I WILL BE THERE". It is a fact, FabAfriq Magazine is taking over an d we are pleased to say
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Gateway Chapel To Host Community Health Awareness Day 2015

The Health Awareness Day, Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes UK, Stroke Association, the British Heart Foundation, British lung foundation,The British liver trust, Blood Pressure Check,

The Health Awareness Day is aimed at raising awareness for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and is hosted in partnership with and The British liver trust.
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Dr. Georges Bwelle is one of the top 10 CNN Heroes of 2013- Please VOTE

Dr. Georges Bwelle is one of the top 10 CNN Heroes of 2013. Please vote for him to be CNN Hero of the Year. He will receive $250,000 to continue his extraordinary work. In Cameroon, there is only one doctor for every 5,000 people, according to the World Health Organization. Let's help him to change this!
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GIVING GARAGE PRESENTS: Giving Garage Orphanage Outreach 2.0

Giving Garage is an ambitious initiative that seeks to engage, train and assist young social entrepreneurs in Africa by improving the way societal problems are addressed.
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Hibiscus Sabdariffa, A Natural Remedy to Fight Against the Effects of Heat and Hypertension

Hisbiscus Sabdariffa, Natural Remedy, Heat, Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Liver Problem, Diabetes, High Cholesterol

Hibiscus Sabdariffa so far has proven to be a medicinal remedy and the most edible Hibiscus specie. Other types of hibiscus can be toxic. Hope you’ll decide to grow some beautiful, edible Hibiscus plants in your garden next summer!
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A short film documenting Zimbabwean women's experience of post natal depression- The need to raise awareness on the often misdiagnosed and misunderstood condition of Post Natal Depression, particularly in the African community especially Zimbabwean mothers who have suffered from the stigma of having this condition.
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Il se cache dans le moteur d’une voiture pour traverser les frontieres.

Mercedes, Espagne, moteur, guinéenne, crise, Maroc, Ceuta, clandestins, Afrique, Libye

Deux guinéens voulant se rendre en Espagne, se cachent dans le capot d’une Mercedes.
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Food Security: A Weird But Productive Way to Get Proteins

Food Security, Proteins, Edible Insects, Nutritive Value, Cultures, Nutrients

The rising cost of animal protein, population growth and increasing demand for proteins among the middle classes are the major factors in food insecurity.
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Le Président Zuma Célèbre le 18e Anniversaire de Ontlametse Phalantse.

La cérémonie d’anniversaire de Ontlametses’est déroulée dans en présence du Président Zuma
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Jireh7 Cosmetics launches The Queen of Referral Campaign 2016

Jireh7 Cosmetics, Queen of Referral Campaign, Therapeutics values, Makeup products, Colored skin

The campaign aims at promoting the brand and getting customers to know the benefits and therapeutics values of Jireh7 products.
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Le Pape pardonne l’avortement

Le pape François, avortement, l'Église catholique romaine, péché, la miséricorde, 8 décembre 2015 ,26 novembre 2016, année sainte, Federico Lombardi

Le pape François pour l’année sainte 2015-2016, instruit les prêtres de l’église romaine catholique de pardonner l’avortement
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L’incroyable destin de Jean-Pierre Adams - 36 ans dans le coma!

Jean-Pierre Adams, football,

Jean-Pierre Adams, l'ancien footballeur, défenseur du PSG et de l'équipe de France dans les années 1970, est dans un coma végétatif depuis une opération en 1982.
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La famine et la malnutrition tirent sur la sonnette d’alarme.

Les guerres civiles, les guerres contre les états étatiques, les longues périodes de sècheresse, les crises interminables, sont considérés comme les principales causes de famine et de malnutrition en Afrique.
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Le Fonio, découverte nutritive et culinaire

Digitaria exilis, Digitaria iburua, Fonio, Cuisson Pilaf,

Cultivé dans les savanes,très digeste et parfaitement recommandé pour l’alimentation des enfants, des personnes âgées et pour les personnes souffrant de surpoids, le fonio est la nouvelle graine de vie des pays de l'Afrique de l'ouest.
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Les 1 000 premiers jours de la vie au cœur d’une formation organisée par l’Institut Nestlé Nutrition pour l’Afrique (NNIA)

Cours Africain de Nutrition Pédiatrique (CANUP),Institut Nestlé Nutrition pour l’Afrique (NNIA)

Engagée dans la promotion de la nutrition, de la santé et du bien-être des populations, Nestlé est convaincue que les enjeux d’une bonne nutrition reposent non seulement sur la qualité des aliments que nous consommons, mais aussi sur l’identification et la résolution des problèmes allant à l’encontre d’une nutrition optimale.
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Maggi Star Caravan final: Maggi Celebrates Culinary Excellence

In Cameroon, 10 million units of Maggi are consumed every day, and we have therefore decided to enrich this product with iron to help mitigate the effects of this micronutrient deficiency.”
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World Malaria Day 2012: We Asked Our Readers!

In preparation of World Malaria Day 2012 (25th April), We asked the following questions! Are you safe from mosquitoes? Do you know how to help our community to live a better life without these pests? Our readers were very
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Menstrual Cycle: A Solution to Stop Smoking

Menstrual cycle can influence efforts to stop smoking
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Menstrual Taboo: Stigmatization

Menstruation, Menstrual period, Taboo, Stigmatization, Woman, Girl, Exclusion

In some cultures, a lot of restrictions are imposed on menstruating women.
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UK Mozambican Entrepreneur Launches Beauty Wonder Product to Revolutionise Skincare for Melanin-Rich Skin

The TSAKA facemask is the first product in the skincare line and is set to take the melanin rich skincare world by storm. This highly effective wonder product is formulated with rare plant extracts from the Olacaceae family that are only found in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Madagascar – and it is the first beauty line in the UK to use this ingredient extensively.
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Winter-Proof Your Hair

Our Ends Need a Mend

Yes you got that right! Just as you love the feel of your laundry after using a lovely fabric conditioner so does your hair need a good treatment at least once a month
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No More Excuses!

Exercise For Busy Moms

Activities like jogging or running, swimming, running, biking, zumba, climbing and riding are fantastic for working out your core muscles which in turn strengthen your structure and boost weight loss.
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Valerie Ayena and Nsang Dilong Support The "Nso Gives Back "Charity Event in Kumba

Former Miss Cameroon 2013 Valerie Ayena and Miss West Africa 2011 Nsang Dilong collaborated to support the Nso Gives Back charity event. While Nsang Dilong perfectly planned the event, Valery showed her support by encouraging the patients.
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PATCHA Foundation, to Host its Global Ambassador and Miss Cameroon USA 2015

PATCHA Foundation, Miss Cameroon USA 2015, Patcha Foundation Global Ambassador, Venielle Acha Morfow, Cancer Patients, Medical Supply, Self Awareness

Following their last medical mission and walk, which registered successes, and the other CASEC activities, the Patcha Foundation is again supporting the community by creating opportunities for cancer patients to be inspired and supported by an inspirational personality.
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Prostate Cancer

Black Male Killer

Every man has one but few know they do and even fewer, do know how exactly it works and the health risks associated with the prostate gland. Most are only aware of its existence once diagnosed with an infection or cancer.
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FabAfriq Magazine presents FabAfriq Fashion Show & Expo Boutique

In the last few years, the quest for African-inspired prints has increased and have featured in many high street clothing ranges. On the 21st of July, more than 30 African-inspired designers will be showcasing their work and guests will have the opportunity to purchase clothes, shoes, jewellery, gifts, stationery and homeware.
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Suppressing Hunger Naturally, A Quick Fix for Weight Loss

Weigh, Calories, Food, Fat, Appetite, Proteins, Exercise, Hunger, Chemical Products

There are natural ways to loose weigh and one of them is by suppressing your hunger naturally
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TenPerCent Africa, Creating Awareness on Mental Health and Depression

TenPerCent Africa, TPA.ORG,

Ten Per Cent Africa Organisation (TPA.ORG) is a Cameroonian nonprofit association of free giving and grateful people, employing teamwork to better the lives of the underprivileged, with a particular focus on adding value to the human factor.
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Bird Flu Epidemic Disrupts the Activities of Restauteurs in Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire, Bird Flu Epidemic, H5N1 virus, Emergency Plan, Financial support, ADB, FAO

To prevent further spread of the disease, the Ivorian government has decided to set up an emergency plan : sixty of the common markets of Abidjan will be inspected and disinfected , the operation is expected to intensify and expand in the rest of the country.
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Children of the Sun, Prejudice and Stigmatization

Albinism, Racism, Albino, Congenital Disorder, Achromia, Achromasia, Achromatosis

There are so many killings, amputation, mutilation, kidnaping, infanticides and many other crimes committed on albinos in the world, especially in Africa.
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Job Opening: The MM Patcha Foundation Is Recruiting a Program Officer in Douala, Cameroon

Job opening, Recruitment, Job Opportunity, Program Officer

The Patcha Foundation is recruiting a Program Officer (PO)
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Things You Didn't Know About Bitter Leaf

The Medicinal Value Of Bitter Leaf

Squeeze the fresh leaves of the plant in water. Take a glass-full thrice daily. Warm DO NOT BOIL the solution each time before drinking. Continue the medication for a month. To save time a large quantity can be made in one go. Add some honey to preserve the solution
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Camer Bloggers Hangout: A thrilling Experience with MIss Cameroon USA, Vinielle Acha-Morfaw

Miss Cameroon USA, Vinielle Acha-Morfaw, Kumba, Cancer, Patcha Foundation, Camer Bloggers Hangout

Seeing the Miss raised the bloggers curiosity as not only is she very beautiful but proved to be engaged in her mission as Ambassador for the Patcha Foundation.
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Did you know going into your kitchen could help you get rid of wrinkles?
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Kids/Parents "When To Talk Alcohol"

Parents these days are been caught up with this dilemma on whether to talk alcohol with children at a tender age or not.
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