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The Corporate Awards 4th Edition, Rewarding Excellence in the Corporate Scene in Africa

Staying true to its tradition of excellence, FabAfriq PR organised another colourful edition of The Corporate Awards in Senegal, at the prestigious Radisson Blu Dakar Sea Plaza Hotel. The Award ceremony is bigger this year with two gala events: the just ended in Dakar Event and the upcoming Douala , Cameroon Award Ceremony.
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The 2019 Corporate Women In Leadership Summit, Dakar-Senegal

The first part of the sixth edition of the Corporate Women in Leadership Summit took place today at the beautiful, historic African capital Dakar, in Senegal, with the kickoff at 9:00 am local time which witnessed the arrival, and registration of participants. 
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Serigne MBOUP, Directeur Général de la SAR rejoint le conseil d'administration des Corporate Awards

La Quatrième édition du programme The Corporate Awards prévue pour ce 22 Novembre 2019 au Radisson Blu Dakar Sea Plaza et ce 06 Décembre 2019 sera marquée par la participation de nombreuses entreprises, mais également par la présence de personnalités distinguées. Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer l'arrivée d’un nouveau membre du Conseil d'Administration Awards, M Serigne Mboup.
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Seed Project Sénégal, partenaire à la quatrième édition du programme The Corporate Awards 2019 -Dakar

Seed Project, Senegal, The Corporate Awards, Dakar 2019

En accompagnant FabAfriq PR, SEED apporte son soutien à la promotion du programme The Corporate Awards sur l’étendu du continent africain et le Sénégal en particulier.
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Africa Tourism Solutions Sénégal, partenaire officiel de la quatrième édition The Corporate Awards 2019 -Dakar

Africa Tourism Solutions, Sénégal, Dakar, The Corporate Awards 2019

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que ATS se joint à FabAfriq PR pour organiser le programme The Corporate Awards Dakar 2019 qui se tiendra le 22 Novembre 2019 au Radisson Blu Dakar Sea Plazza.
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The Micheal & Mauritia Patcha Foundation Cancer Walk To Fight and Win Cancer

Newly appointed Patcha Foundation Global Ambassador, Awu Sing Song was part of the walk as his first order of service and later performed his hit song “Yayayo” to an excited crowd after the walk.
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Patcha Foundation Appoints New Global Ambassador AWU SING SONG

As a Global Ambassador, AWU has been charged with the duty of joining the foundation to fight its course, be in regular contact with the foundation team and willing to talk about the foundation’s activities publicly.
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FabAfriq PR annonce The Corporate Awards Douala-Dakar 2019

Après les trois précédentes éditions qui se sont respectivement tenues au Cameroun en 2016, au Gabon en 2017 et en Côte d’Ivoire en 2018, voici venue la 4ème édition du programme The Corporate Awards, prévue pour le 22 novembre 2019 au Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar et le 06 décembre 2019 à l’hôtel Akwa Place Douala.
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With Wages Growing Again, It’s Time To Secure The Future

Following three years of decline, wages across the African continent are starting to grow again. Brookings Institute figures show an average 1.3% rise in wages, Egypt and Nigeria excluded, for a net change of +4.3% from the previous year’s drop of -3%. With more money in pockets, it will be all too easy for newly comfortable citizens to splurge; as a result, developing sensible financial skills should be the focus.
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Last week-end witnessed the launching of the first ever fully black owned production studio, the Tyler Perry Studios, in Atlanta, Georgia!
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