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FabAfriq Magazine issue 6 NOW OUT:Something Special

Last year, we promised to bring you much more exciting content and to talk about people making news. Well, we have picked on one of your all time favourite...
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FabAfriq Magazine Launched in Cameroon: Glamour Et Al

It is official! UK Based African lifestyle magazine has arrived in Cameroon.
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MTN, Cameroon Campus Career Day, Better Breed Cameroon, University of Buea,Monique Kwachou

Telecommunications giant MTN is the latest sponsor of the Cameroon Career Day.
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Better Breed Cameroon "Relaunches"2016 Sama Randy Youth Write Competition

Better Breed, Cameroon, Sama randy Youth Write Competition, Undergraduate Students, Higher Institutions

This year’s essay competition challenges undergraduate students of all higher institutions of Cameroon to ponder on the extent to which entrepreneurship would assure a brighter future for Cameroon.
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Rhoda Wilson Completes 2nd Series of Nollywood TV Series Housewives & Girlfriends Filmed In London To Be Broadcast across Africa

Rhoda Wison, Nollywod TV Series, Housewives & Girlfriends

Heralded as one of the most expensive TV series filmed in the UK by Nollywood UK, Season 1’s credit roll was 62 staff members, which consisted of 53 cast and 9 crew members and included many of the most influential members of the Nollywood Diaspora based in the UK. It is also the first TV series made by Nollywood UK that was acquired international broadcaster; African Magic (M-NET/DSTV).
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British Fashion Label Isossy Children Presents The Glam Love Collection

Isossy Childrn, The Glam Love Collection, British Fashion Label

The Glam Love collection is infused with Asian hues of deep red and vibrant purples with colour clashes in hidden in the linings of garments, which reveal intermittent pops of colour that evokes kids’ playfulness.
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Camer Bloggers to Hangout and Take Part in MTN ZIK Awards Launch.

MTN ZIK Awards, Etoile Lounge, Akwa, Douala, MTN, Camer Bloggers Hangout,

The MTN ZIK Awards Launch will be taking place tomorrow from 5pm to 10 pm at Etoile Lounge Akwa, Douala.
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Children’s Fashion Designer Promotes Diversity and Global Clothing For Kids

Isossy Children is truly Amanda’s calling, it is a creative calling but far more than that, it is a calling to promote diversity and global clothing for kids.
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Defending the Human Rights of People with Albinism

Albinism in Africa remains a socially misunderstood medical phenomenon. People with albinism are victims of ignorance due to erroneous beliefs , myths and superstition , which enhance their marginalization and social exclusion from our society.
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France: Démission de Christiane Taubira du Ministère de la Justice

France, démission, Christiane Taubira, Ministère de la Justice

Signifiant son désaccord total avec la mesure sur la déchéance de nationalité, Christiane Taubira, la Ministre française de la Justice a présenté mercredi sa démission.
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Destiny Home Fundraising Gala, May 31st, 2019

Destiny Home, Gala, Vulnerable Children, Orphans, Mothers, Babies

Destiny Home seeks “To help restore and build lives by meeting the physical, social, and educational needs of one woman, one child at a time”.
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Emergence Disponible sur le Web

L’Ecole Primaire et Maternelle Emergence a désormais son site web.
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Ethiopian Airlines Group is Inaugurating its new Aviation Academy

2025 strategic road map, Ethiopian Airlines Group, Aviation Academy, Aviation Maintenance Training School, Commercial and Leadership block,

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest and most profitable airline in Africa, is continuously expanding rapidly in the development of most departments. Ethiopian Airlines Group has invested USD 100 million in breakthrough expansion and upgrading its Aviation Academy.
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Get our first copy free of charge!

Offer ends on the 31st of January 2012

Get our first issue free of charge! Offer ends on the 31st of January 2012!
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FabAfriq magazine: Exclusive Launch Party @ Meridien Hotel

As we hand out our Black, Red and Gold invitation cards, the silent Wows from our potential VIP guests say one thing "I WILL BE THERE". It is a fact, FabAfriq Magazine is taking over an d we are pleased to say
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It's All About Lifestyle -- FabAfriq Magazine's 10th Issue Out Now!

In its usual Fab style, FabAfriq Magazine is proud to announce the release of its Lifestyle issue. Graced by Valery Ayena on the cover, this Issue touches a wide range of lifestyle factors across Africa and the world.
Grab your copy and live the FabAfriq experience.
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"Journée des jeunes" First Edition, Creating and Building a New World.

Journée des Jeunes is an annual event for youths in various communities aiming at sensitizing, informing and educating them on community aspects such a Social responsibility, environmental security.
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Gateway Chapel Launches Passion to Mission initiative For Young People

Gateway Chapel, Passion to Mission initiative, Mainstream education, Career Boost Network and training programme

The Passion to Mission initiative helps young people, aged 18-25, to discover their own signature strength or passion after they have completed mainstream education.
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GIVING GARAGE PRESENTS: Giving Garage Orphanage Outreach 2.0

Giving Garage is an ambitious initiative that seeks to engage, train and assist young social entrepreneurs in Africa by improving the way societal problems are addressed.
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H&M joins the racist camp

H&M goes shamless in their recent campaign!
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Il se cache dans le moteur d’une voiture pour traverser les frontieres.

Mercedes, Espagne, moteur, guinéenne, crise, Maroc, Ceuta, clandestins, Afrique, Libye

Deux guinéens voulant se rendre en Espagne, se cachent dans le capot d’une Mercedes.
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Introducing The Isossy Children Sweat Collection 2015

Isossy Children, Sweat Collection 2015, Fashionable,Trans-seasonal wear, Bold Pleated Detail, Hooded Cape,Drop Crouch Pants, Jersey Top

The Sweat Collection is a combination of casual chic and trans-seasonal wear which embodies the spirit of youthful energy and vigour. Every child can be a champion, every child can win, and every child has endless possibilities to excel.
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Journée des jeunes 4ème édition, créer et construire un nouveau monde

Les jeunes comme acteurs de développement de la société
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Kinabuti Hosts Kids to Happy Xmas Party at Chocolate Royal

Kinabuty, Kidswear, Christmas Celebration, Collection Launch, Nigeria, Lagos

A double fold celebration, a Christmas celebration party and also the launch of the collection from the Kinabuti new kidswear.
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Le Pape pardonne l’avortement

Le pape François, avortement, l'Église catholique romaine, péché, la miséricorde, 8 décembre 2015 ,26 novembre 2016, année sainte, Federico Lombardi

Le pape François pour l’année sainte 2015-2016, instruit les prêtres de l’église romaine catholique de pardonner l’avortement
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La famille de Jonas Savimbi porte plainte contre l’éditeur du jeu Call of Duty

Call of Duty, Jonas Savimbi, jeu, tribunal, plainte, France, Afrique, Angola, MPLA

Outragée par la représentation de leur père dans le jeu Call of Duty, la famille du leader politique et chef de guerre, Jonas Savimbi, porte plainte pour atteinte à l’honneur.
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L'ambuscade d'or de Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, Gold Ambush; L'ambuscade d'or, jeu mobile,

Son dernier projet en date, un jeu mobile, Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart met en vedette son épouse Eniko, ainsi que ses enfants Heaven et Hendrix comme personnages.
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Mega Career and Business Opportunity Summit 2nd Edition 2016

Mega Career, Business Opportunity Summit, Network, Education

The 2nd Edition of the Mega Career will be an opportunity for organisations and the youth to network and get appropriate information on recruitment, professional career and education.
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MEGA CAREER/EDUCATION FAIR 1st EDITION 2015: “Unlock your future”

Invest In Africa LTD (IIA),Self-help Resource Centre (SHREC-CIG), BelleB Models agency, Education, Entrepreneurship

An open day in which Educational Institutions and organizations will be given the opportunity to show-case their products and services, targeting young Cameroonians aged 18+
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Very Chic: MK Kids Interiors Designs Room For 3 Year Old Cancer Survivor

Fewer than 100 children in the UK are diagnosed each year with neuroblastoma. Most children who get this cancer are younger than five years old. Neuroblastoma is the second most common solid tumour in childhood, and it makes up 8% of the total number of children’s cancers. -Macmillan
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PATCHA Foundation, to Host its Global Ambassador and Miss Cameroon USA 2015

PATCHA Foundation, Miss Cameroon USA 2015, Patcha Foundation Global Ambassador, Venielle Acha Morfow, Cancer Patients, Medical Supply, Self Awareness

Following their last medical mission and walk, which registered successes, and the other CASEC activities, the Patcha Foundation is again supporting the community by creating opportunities for cancer patients to be inspired and supported by an inspirational personality.
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What happened after My 16th Birthday

How being a teenage mom changed my life

It wasn’t fear of a scolding that kept my mouth shut. It was fear for my baby. I was convinced either family would compel me to have a termination. I knew I was too young to be a mum but an abortion was never an option for me. I would do the work it
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Raising Resilient Kids

Give children numerous opportunities to complete tasks on their own without your assistance. Doing things for them will cause them to lose faith in their own abilities. What better way to boost a child's skill repertoire than by asking them to accomplish new skills as they get older and more capable? Anticipate initial protests and mistakes from, them but remain persistent.
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Serena Williams to Assist the Underprivileged

Underpriviledge, Serena Williams, Humanitarian, Jamaica, School, Sean Paul, Tennis

The tennis icon Serena Williams embarks on a humanitarian Mission in Jamaica.
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Balancing Work Life and Family- Difficult but not Impossible

Family, Single Parenting, work life balance

Achieving a balance with work life and family after you resume work from a pregnancy is quite difficult but not impossible. here are some tips to help you survive!
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Some Common Social Media Abbreviations

Typing has become the easiest way of communication to interact with others using social media, and it appears that writing or rather typing words entirely render the communication process difficult and to an extend, boring.
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FabAfriq Magazine presents FabAfriq Fashion Show & Expo Boutique

In the last few years, the quest for African-inspired prints has increased and have featured in many high street clothing ranges. On the 21st of July, more than 30 African-inspired designers will be showcasing their work and guests will have the opportunity to purchase clothes, shoes, jewellery, gifts, stationery and homeware.
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Team_Lyk oeuvre pour les enfants démunis

Team_Lyk, TeamLyk_Leaders_Of_Young_Kids, Orphelinat de Nda Boan

TeamLyk_Leaders_Of_Young_Kids mène des actions caritatives pour les enfants démunis à L'orphelinat de Nda Boan
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Children of the Sun, Prejudice and Stigmatization

Albinism, Racism, Albino, Congenital Disorder, Achromia, Achromasia, Achromatosis

There are so many killings, amputation, mutilation, kidnaping, infanticides and many other crimes committed on albinos in the world, especially in Africa.
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The Returnees: Brand New Video Series

Video series, The Returnees, Cameroonians, Diaspora

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of Cameroonians returning home from the Diaspora. Who are they? Where are they returning from? What are they doing upon return? Find out more from these exciting stories.
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Tyler Perry Opens Up On Deep Family Secret

Tyler Perry opens up

"I love my mother to death but she lied to me," Perry told Radio One founder Cathy Hughes during an interview
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Top 3 Sexy Wives of African Footballers

African Footballers, Footballer wives, Fame, Marriage

Black never cracks!
check out these beautiful footballer wives who really have wife material.
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Kids/Parents "When To Talk Alcohol"

Parents these days are been caught up with this dilemma on whether to talk alcohol with children at a tender age or not.
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